Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I can do it

Yes, I can. I can update my blog! That makes two victories today. It was beautiful out and I wanted to run so badly, but i also wanted to have the energy to go for a while ( and never do since i have to eat lunch at 10am). Since I haven't ran much outside due to my eating schedule, I thought I would have a granola bar around 3, and then be able to run an hour later. So I tried it out and wala, finally got to run at a normal hour and not on the treadmill.

I am not sure how far I went. I ran to a school that's about a mile away and planned on using their track, but they were having practice, so I ran around the school instead. Then i ran back home, and past it farther up a giant hill, then back past home to the school again. They were getting out of practice just as I arrived, which means I ran their whole practice, and that felt good. So then I decided I was going to head back home. My stomach was hurting, not from running though. It may have been due to that granola bar. I haven't had an afternoon snack for months now, and I think it threw me off. I am guessing I ran at least 5 miles, I'll drive it sometime to find out. I was sweating, and had to slow down when I got up to the top of that hill, it was tough.

I also forgot my water for lunch today. I habitually drink water for lunch everyday of school, so today I forgot my bottle and I had to drink something, so i got a Dr. Pepper- that is probably the real reason my stomach was wierd. If it weren't for my stomach and forgetting my watch- I could have ran farther. Heck, I'm about to go back out because it's still daylight and I'm feeling fine now.

Wednesday: 5-6 miles, +hill, steady pace,
note: new Trail shoes/toenail may have caused blister on left toe??-

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Catching Up

week 4
Friday: Staff day, Parents drove in for the weekend --
Saturday: Shopping in Pigeon Forge/aquarium --
Sunday: Shopped all day, visited Aprils family til 10pm --
Monday: exhausted from weekend/ Another staff day ;( --
Tuesday: Summative Evaluation, --
Wednesday: --
Thursday: 3 miles at steady pace, knees a little wierd again

week 5
Friday: 5 miles (6.0), felt good to get back into running
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 3 miles in the morning, saw a guy who needed the tread more than me, so i stopped.
Monday: 6 miles, (6.0/6.5/7.0) felt awesome, same guy stared at me last 2 miles, so i stopped early.
Tuesday: 2 miles (6.5/7.0 mph)
Wednesday: 6 miles along road, huge hill, steady pace. developed blister

I really need to keep this updated. Being at school all day really takes the life out me for things like this. I am planning on running 10 miles tommorow. Judging from Monday's easy 6, I think it's about time I upped the mileage. Also I have been running on the treadmill a lot. That is because I eat lunch at 10am, then by the time i get home (the perfect time to run) I am exhausted and starving. So it's at least 5 before my wife and I eat, then an hour to digest, and now dark. I don't like running in the dark. I have nothing against it, but it just feels wierd. I also like to have April come with me to work out in the fitness center, which is a big reason I wait to work out.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Been a while since I've tried to blog, and hopefully the death of this one is not inevitable. In the past there has always been some quick death to my blogs, but I am very hopeful for this one's future. You see I recently began training for a half-marathon. I was a decent runner in high school, but after 6 years I finally have returned to something that I enjoy and miss. It has been a little over a week now, and I am in the process of rebuilding back to my former 18 year old self.

Although I'm not yet in the habit of blogging, I wrote down notes on what mileage I have been running and how I felt each day up to now

week one
Friday: treadmill 3 miles
Saturday: 2 800's on the nearby track (+2 miles there and back)
Sunday : 30 minutes treadmill- had to visit family
Mon: 1 hour- 5miles tread steady pace (read Galloway's Book on Running over the weekend)
Tues: off
Wed: 1200's @6:07, 6:07, 5:50 pushed pretty hard on last one +2mi
Thurs: 3.2 tread 6.5-7 mph, breathing fine good pace

week two
Friday: 6.0 miles tread, 5mph. knees felt sore along the outsides, could have ran more though
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 7 miles, steady pace. Felt a blister develop on my right toe at 4 miles.
Monday: 2 sets of squats/ jump rope. 2 miles tread, knees hurt at first
Tuesday: 4 miles tread. Knees fine, but developed a blister on inside arch of my right foot.
Wed: day off
Thurs: day off

week three
Friday: evaluation- relaxed
Saturday: 3 miles: tried out new running shoes.
Sunday: off
Monday: recouped from hard day
Tuesday: Staff Meeting
Wed: Valentines- hung out with April

This last week was pretty tough. I had two evaluations at school and so I've been doing a lot of work for those, plus planning for all the other classes I have to teach. It is time to pay the registration fee for the half-marathon, so I think that will help me get more serious as my schedule has been slacking lately. There aren't many days until April 1st, so I've got to get things back in gear.