Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Rained yesterday so I moved the workout to today. I was hoping to do more, but I decided on 1200,800 and 2 400's, but that didn't work out so much. Once I got about 600 meters into the first rep I knew things were going downhill fast and my legs were already getting tired. Really struggled even through that one, and it felt slow. I was kind of amazed to see the time, 15 seconds faster than last week and that pretty much explained it. Throat was super dry, probably need to hydrate more earlier on because just water wasn't cutting it.

Took equal rest then tried to run the next 800. Same thing, legs just felt tired and breathing was hard almost immediately. Struggled and pushed through making a deal with myself if I really kicked the last 200 I would just be done, so I went ahead and did that. Ran 2 mile cooldown with 100m sprints the last mile. Even on the cooldown I was breathing hard so I'm glad I didn't do anything else. The other thing was the race is Friday so I didn't want to do too much today, just kind of get a little taste for the race.

1200 (1:17,1:21, 1:21 ) 3:59 equal recover
800 (1:17.2, 1:18.7) 2:36

fasttwitch 196

Monday, April 19, 2010


Congrats to all those who ran Boston!

Did a tempo pace for first part, got some water and resumed running at average pace for the rest of the run. 3.78@6:22 pace/5.5@6:40. Legs felt fresh after another rest day yesterday.

Track workout tomorrow and then just put the miles in until Friday for the mile race. I'm pretty set on doing it, I've put in a few workouts so I can at least go into it with a good idea of what to expect. I'm going to do my best to break 5, but I'll be happy with anything really it's just a fun race. I talked to the director and they might change the course this year. As long as it doesn't have a 180º turn again I won't mind at all.

bf 2532

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Took the day off yesterday. Muscles were sore from the track workout and still a little bit today but good enough to run. It was cooler today and really gorgeous running weather. Even though my legs were a bit sore I only felt it at the end when I did some speed trap sprints to finish up. Really got the legs turning over today and actually felt like I was at a fast but comfortable training pace. Cut a lot of miles lately, but I can tell my speed is improving already.

bf 2523

Thursday, April 15, 2010


800 @2:43, 1200 @4:15, 1200 @4:15, 800 @2:38, 2x400 @1:13, 1:11.0. half mile warmup, mile cooldown and full walking recovery between reps.

Planned to do a 1600 inbetween, but my legs were already tired so I decided turnover was more important than cardio and cut it. Really nice day to run, not too hot and hardly any wind so that made things a lot easier than last time.

I ran these within my comfort zone(for speedwork that is), but I still feel like I'm missing a gear. It isn't that surprising since it's the second speed session of the year, things just aren't running on all cylinders yet. I plan to continue adding reps up to the 10k race and hopefully speed drills as well because I've been slacking on those. As far as the mile race goes I may be close to where I was last year. It's hard to compare the workouts because last year i just did 400's. I did 2 workouts first @ 67,71,70,69 and the second @77, 77, 77, 75 w/400m recovery. The second was pretty windy so times were slower. If anything I've got a little more speed endurance, but then I look at the week after which was 3x1200 @4:16, 4:10, 4:04. So basically next Tuesday I'll try to repeat that and see what happens, hopefully adding in more reps than last year - try to tack on a few 800's and 400's.

1200 @4:15
1200 @4:15
800 @2:38
2x400 @1:13, 1:11.0
fasttwitch 192

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Average run, a little sore in the hips from yesterday, so I'm glad I just did 2 hills because it seemed to be just right. Tomorrow i hope to hit the track but if not it will be increased pace for time.

bf 2515

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Ran out to neverending hill and did that twice. Hilariously I was thinking 4-5 reps but after the first one I pretty much knew that wasn't going to happen. It was also 80º and I had no hydration, so after the second one I just went back home. Could have ran a little longer but I think it was plenty for today.

Been having some pain in my forefoot for a few weeks. I stepped on a rock a while back while running and so just beneath my toe joint is some bruised tissue. Unfortunately it won't go away, but the good side is it doesn't hurt while running. Not a big deal but after not running for a week I thought it might have subsided a bit. Either way things are going pretty good, still not 100% sure about the Dogwood Mile, I'll probably just sign up the day of the race if I decide to do it.

bf 2506

Monday, April 12, 2010


First day back to running after a long break is usually pretty tough but this wasn't too bad. I took care of Veronica for a little bit while Mom went out to find some baby stuff, so it was a good trade and I got to go for a run when she got back home. Breathing was okay, legs were great. Second half of the run was very nice and I felt like the tin man who just got some oil.

Things have been hectic but not because of the baby, it's because of all the visitors! Finally this week we have her to ourselves and so we aren't obligated to stay around and visit anyone and be on their schedule. I did the Dogwood Art Festival too, so that was an all day thing and by the time I got home I was exhausted and felt bad to run because I hadn't seen my baby all day. I drew a ton of people though, so it was well worth it and I can finally relax this week.

Everyone says to get sleep while we can, but it's really not that bad. Veronica hardly cries, and when she does it's only for a minute. Actually last night mom fed her and I didn't even know it, I slept through the first one and only got up for a minute to check on her the second time because the alarm was going off. She is funny and never wakes up, just sleeps all day long. I tried putting a cold washcloth on her and nothing, dripped some on her head, nothing, poked, prodded, etc. and she just keeps right on sleeping. It's not really a good thing because she'll go five or six hours without eating and then be starving. Anyway things are going really well and I should be back on track this week as far as running goes.

bf 2500

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


86º 14mph wind but you couldn't have kept me from getting out there today. Track work is just downright fun. Nothing like hitting the oval and seeing what kind of speed you can muster up. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did indeed have some turnover when I asked my legs for it, so today was a success in that respect.

Didn't even really notice it was hot once I got going, and drinking and resting after each repeat helped a lot. The plan in my head was a few 800's, maybe three if I could handle it, which I really didn't see happening. Started off into the wind so I wouldn't have to finish running into it. First few were like a tempo pace, fast but controlled. Third one I pushed a little and the legs got a bit tired. Last one I was the same, but I really accelerated the last 200 meters. For the first track workout of the year I'm super-psyched.

I met one of my old co-workers who coaches and teaches at the middle school. We talked forever, then after my workout I met another guy who officials meets at UT and helps take care of the middle school track. So I spent more time chatting than running, but I didn't care it was good to meet people and see and old friend. Very happy with today's workout and with a baby on the way tomorrow I'm elated.

.5 mile warmup + drills
4x800's w/400m recoveries

1.25 mile active recovery
400m @ 1:11
mile cooldown

fasttwitch 187

Monday, April 5, 2010


woops forgot to post yesterday.

Legs felt good today and I just did a quick run. Should be ready for a little speedwork on the track tomorrow.

bf 2492

Sunday, April 4, 2010



I decided to time the neverending hill from the base to where it levels out at the top. It took a full four minutes. Doesn't sound like much but I was so happy to finally get to the top and take a breather. Good for working on controlling my breathing that's for sure.

Went out to a food city and back, took 1hr 7 minutes, then ran a neighborhood loop and a little extra to hit 13. I like the new route because it's got a stretch where I can just cruise, instead of having to turn around every 30 seconds in my neighborhood i can get into a rhythm and relax. Great run, should be good to go for some track work on Tuesday, probably do some hills Thursday if it's not raining too bad. (more hills than usual that is)

bf 2488

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Very nice run tonight. Went out a little later so I caught all the shade from the trees and houses. Nice relaxed run. Quads are still tight from the marathon, other than that things feel good. Oh, did a 5 minute tempo and then an acceleration at the end.

bf 2475

Friday, April 2, 2010


82º you know what that means? Less laundry of course because it's shirtless run time. Whew super hot out there, but I need to get out there now and get used to it before it's 90's. Legs still aren't feeling up to par, but they aren't sore anymore so thats good.

This run was really difficult due to the heat. Had to take a break halfway to get some water, and really needed more toward the end but kept going. If I do a longer run this weekend I'm going to have to take some bottles so I can stay hydrated.

bf 2466

Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's April, and yikes only a few weeks till my next race! Luckily it's just a one miler and there is no pressure to do anything special. I just like the race and want to run it again this year. It also helps me kick it up a gear for the Expo in May, kind of like early speed training although the speed is questionable since I haven't done any since last year.

I've decided to do two workouts a week, one hill and one speed starting as soon as possible (another way to say when my legs are fully recovered from the marathon). The reason is that I pretty much have hills down, but I need a little bit more to build for the 10k distance where leg strength is key. The speed workouts aren't really going to be all that fast, it will be less about fitness and more geared toward coordination. Basically low amount of reps, longer recovery and at lower intensity than I normally would do a speed workout. After the mile race I'll start adding more repeats and focus more on the fitness side and therefore possibly drop the hills depending on how this next month goes. I guess that's the nice thing about understanding training, I can improvise and manipulate my workouts without having to rely on a plan.

Just a little hood loop today and I took it super easy. My legs still weren't recovered yesterday when i ran all the hills, so today they were really heavy and still just a bit sore so I only ran 3 miles or so. It was a good run, 78 degrees actually didn't feel too bad. The mowers were out and all the trees have blossomed, bye bye winter hello heat and humidity. I didn't really feel like I got a workout in today cardio wise so I might do some core or something, I really need to start supplementing running when I can, the pool should be open soon so that will be nice.

Last note is that April will be induced on Wednesday if she hasn't had the baby by then. Veronica is on her way!

bf 2458