Monday, August 24, 2009


Doubled today, morning run was hot but not too bad and later on was cool. There was a nice breeze all day and that made the runs enjoyable other than the shin pain. Last 15 minutes of the later run it was pretty painful, probably the worst that it's been. Icing it as I type and we'll see how it feels in the morning. I still don't plan on cutting back because it feels like a muscle pain rather than something serious. I don't know if that makes any sense, but as before if something is hurt it's hurt and there's no changing it at this point so I might as well push through it. I'd rather find out now than take a few weeks off and the pain is still there. It's a fickle issue with me at this point. I'm on the line between anger, and am nearly crossing over to frustration, but can't really see the losing hope line.

10:00 amSunny71°F Sunny 71°F 70% From NNE 6 mph
48:24 7.22 bf 1713
8:00 pmMostly Clear77°F Mostly Clear 77°F 61% From NNE 5 mph
47:00 6.82 bf 1719

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Had a rough past few days. Most of it was work related. I also have been having that shin pain reoccur, now even when walking so that was kind of bumming me out too. I got started back a little too fast I think. So lets see, on Friday it rained most of the day and lightninged, but I still managed to get on the treadmill for a few miles. The shin pain was noticeable, but once I started going fast I just kept going and eventually turned it into a tempo run. Unfortunately when i run on the treadmill I don't use headphones because they get caught up in my armswing, so I had no idea the run wasn't being recorded. It may have been the fastest run yet, but who knows now.

Saturday I spent calling about jobs and it was a very lackluster day. I was excited about the jobs, but it literally took ALL day and I didn't get out the door because of a badly timed nap later on. By the time I got up and had some food and still felt pain in my shin I lost my motivation.

Today was a good day, spent most of it shopping for caricature this and that's. I have three or four jobs coming up and need to have signs, lighting, seating, banners, da da-da da-da created so that took up most of the day. We left this morning and were having dinner with our friends later. April is now in the Bride's lounge and we have to move her gigantic large format printer over there, and our friends who own the lounge offered us help with thier truck after dinner. So by the time that was said and done and we made it home it was dark and 9:30. Still I wasn't going to let another day slip by. I got out the door and just ran my butt off. It was soooo cool today I just couldn't let this day go without hitting the pavement and feeling the nice cool breeze. The minor shin pain is still there but I just want to run through it and see what happens, I really have nothing to lose at this point and I've had the pain before, so either that's a good thing or bad. We'll see.

Friday - 1 mile recorded (~4 actual miles total) tempo (hard effort) 1695
Saturday - rested (shin pain/unmotivated)

9:30pmMostly Clear68° F Mostly Clear 70° F 70% From NNE 5 mph
1:16:17 11.24m bf 1706

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Didn't quite make my quota today, but I've been doing really well. About 10 days straight with double digits so that's actually way farther along than I thought I could be. I could have done 10 today, but there was lightning so I decided to cut it short a bit and make up for it tomorrow. The shin was bothering me today, so that pretty much set the short run in stone for me. It was extremely humid and once again I was probably carrying a few pounds of sweat around with me in my clothes.
7:30Cloudy79° F Cloudy 82°F 82% From SSW
45:26 6.51m bf 1691

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ran one hill tonight and that was enough for me. I got out a little earlier than normal, so it was sunny and hot for the first half of the run. I did okay, but still had to take the water stops every 20 minutes. Nothing special on this run other than the pugs chasing me, actually I decided to turn the tables and chased them until they got tired and quit yapping. The shin felt okay tonight, but still tender in there.

6:45 pmCloudy82°F Cloudy 86°F 70% From SSW 6 mph
1:10:36 10.41 bf 1685

Monday, August 17, 2009


Normal run today three revolutions around the neighborhood. Kind of hot but not too bad. Yesterday my left shin was acting up and occasionally today I had a severe burst of pain shoot through it, but only lasted a second. I'll keep my eye on it, but it did feel better than yesterday's run.

8:45 pmMostly Cloudy81° F Mostly Cloudy 84° F 70% From ESE 3 mph
1:10:33 10.12m bf 1675

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Tables are turning. Runs are becoming easier, however I am losing the battle agains the bugs. One to the left eye, then another to the right eye - the same old tear duct attack move. I tried and tried to get the first bug out, and I thought I had it, but I guess not. When I got home and asked april to look into my eyelids, whatya know BOTH the little buggers were still in there. I'm convinced the stinging sensation that results is them either biting or scratching for their lives, either way that crap hurts. I was doing really well on this run, had made it about 40+ minutes without a water break and I was feeling absolutely great, even with taking a hillier route than I usually do! Then BAM, bug into the tearduct. I doubled over for literally 5 minutes, sweat dripping from my fingers and elbows, and putting my funnily large scraping utensil fingers repeatedly onto my eye trying to flush the frigging bugs out.

The first bug was the worst, the second was a nuisance and I actually thought I had got it out right away, but I must have just drown him in tear juice because there wasn't really stinging with that one. Still the run kept going, it kept getting darker, and before I knew it I had made back from middlebrook to the ragged paved path at the park and had already made two loops, heck I had even surpassed last weeks long run and gone over 1:16 (at which point I dunked some water on my head) AND done a 5 minute acceleration in there. I was feeling great. So what did I do differently today? Well I had nachos for lunch with a giant sweet tea.. could have been the sugar? Then I had a little bit of marathon bar before the run, but I do that all the time without much results. Must have been the sweet tea. Oh yeah, and it rained just before I ran, actually it did that the other day and I had a great run that day too, so actually I think it was that instead. Also I just had that attitude today, that no matter what, heat humidity or whatever, I was going to run, that helps.

Very happy with today's long run, and it was actually long and all at once, no real breaks! The bad parts were the bugs obviously, and I was completely drenched in sweat. My shorts were so soaked, they stuck to my legs, gross, but at the same time kinda cool in some weird way. The worst part about it was that the rain filled the pool, so it was like 90 degrees in their. It felt like I jumped into warm bath water and that just isn't the same the nice cool dip I look forward to. So a great run in the books, I'm putting it under hard effort, although the majority of it was moderate because of the hills (the hard part was the 5 minute accel, but even that was more just fun)

7:30 pmPartly Cloudy85° F Partly Cloudy 75% From S 3 mph
1:27:03 12.75m bf 1665

Saturday, August 15, 2009


It was nice to take this morning off. I think it helped my run later on, because I just seemed to have a little more energy, and there was also no water stops on this run, so that was great! I waited until sunset to run, and that helped a great deal. The humidity was low, temps were still a little high around 82-83, but it felt good. My left shin was kind of hurting otherwise I would have done a little bit of faster stuff. In the end I decided not to push it, saving it for tomorrow's long run.

9 pmClear83° F Clear 62%H calm
1:14:06 10.56m bf 1653

Friday, August 14, 2009


Once again, the ipod quit my run halfway through when i resumed after the pause to get a drink. It's kind of annoying that you can't combine the runs or edit them (I understand people would cheat- they Already do) but I mean if your run is paused right at the end and then you resumed the run within one minute, which happened to be 9:22, then it's pretty obvious you did the run "all at once" instead of two separate runs, separated by a minute.... Anyway that's just a minor grievance that I have with the nike+ software, no big deal. The run was difficult yet again. The nice thing was at least I had some tree cover from time to time. Had I waited just a half hour there would have been none and I probably would have had to take that second water break like I did yesterday morning. I don't particularly like doing morning and night runs, but I know I would be struggling even more if I tried to get it in all at once, so this seems the best option for now. I don't want to wake up expecting a bad run everday, that would hurt my morale after a while.

8:56 amSunny75° F Sunny 97%H calm
22:54+22:30 = 45:24 6.62m bf 1638

The later run started off pretty bad actually. I went to the soccer complex, which has some construction on it right now, and so the path has a little detour around it. That was no problem other than hoping I wouldn't crack my ankle on some unseen pothole or rock that was unearthed from all the loose dirt around. The real problem I just had a hard time getting the engine started so to speak. After a quick water stop at 20 minutes, I immediately felt better and the rest of the run was pretty much cake.

9:03 pmMostly Clear76° F Mostly Clear
35:10 5.02m bf 1643

Thursday, August 13, 2009


This morning's run didn't quite go as I planned. I waited a bit for the humidity to drop, but at the same time the heat was going up. I thought this would be a good idea, since the humidity seems to be a bad thing, but after this morning's run, it's definitely just the sun. I planned on going for two loops, a water break, then a third to finish. So the first part of the run was pretty tough, as usual and I was breathing hard and dying. I took a water break then headed back out to finish another loop, pretty much nixing any idea of a third. This time I made halfway around (back to the house) and stopped again for just a few seconds to get water because I was sweating a ton. I got right back out the door and finished the second loop and called it a day, or morning I guess.

Tonight I'm drawing caricatures from 5-7, so I'm not sure what will happen afterward, but I plan on getting in at least another loop tonight.

11:19 amSunny81° F Sunny 63%H From ENE 4 mph
45:45 6.70m bf 1628

After caricatures, which went great by the way, I had dinner at chic-fil-a which is always delicious. And no that is not a plug, it really is a good place to eat, I love their milkshakes too. Anywayz I let my food digest a few hours, then hit the roads in the dark. I put a few strips of reflective tape on the backs of my shoes, but I would like to have more. I may even have to buy some sort of running vest, but it's hot enough already without it. So that's something to work on. It'll be nice too for winter because you really don't have a choice but to run in the dark unless its on the sweatmill. Good litte run.

9:30 pmClear73° F Clear 93%H From NNE 3 mph
32:31 4.74m bf 1632

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Not exactly an easy run this morning. The first loop was pretty bad and I barely made it around, humidity was really high and I think that hurt a little. Second was better, after a good rest to get my HR back down and keep my pulse from thumping my neck around. I think I was ready to get that one over with so I could jump in the pool. Did a few laps, but was pretty worn out so nothing really special.
9:30amMostly Cloudy75° F Mostly Cloudy 75° F 84%H From ENE 3 mph
44:08 6.43m bf 1611

Awesome run tonight. It rained really hard with some lightning, then cleared up just before sunset. By the time I hit the road it was already dark. The humidity was high but the air was as cool as it's been in weeks. A light fog was rising up from the pavement and was pretty neat to run through. After the first 20 minutes I felt great and didn't take a water break. The second loop was much the same, still no need for water. Then I started increasing pace and doing some accels and turned the run into a fartlek. This felt even better and for once I could go fast without worrying about my heart blowing up. I never did need that water break. So this run was definitely a good sign that fitness is lying there beneath all the hot and humid conditions. Great run, wish I could do 10 more just like it right now.
8:40 pmPartly Cloudy74° F Night 85%H From NNW 2 mph
1:09:20 10.34m bf 1621

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Only took one water stop tonight which was good. I waited until the sun was pretty much down to start the run and that helped tremendously, although I hate doing that because the later it gets, the higher the chances of making the excuse of it being too late. The only bad part about the run was the humidity, I was completely dripping when I got back, I think it was even worse than during the heat of the day on Sunday morning. Other than that I added a couple accelerations. I had originally thought I might work in some speed work, but I think I need to wait a week or two just to get my legs back under me first, just finishing the run at this point is an accomplishment.

8:30 pmMostly Cloudy77° F Mostly Cloudy 84%H From NNW 1 mph
1:10:02 10.03m bf 1605

Monday, August 10, 2009


I would like to call today an easy run, but just making one loop around the hood was enough to call it a day. My legs were just really tired from yesterday's run. Middlebrook isn't exactly the easiest course to run, lots of rolling and moderate hills but it is the longest stretch around here and that's why I run it. In a few weeks I should have some of my conditioning back, and if I start running at the right times in the morning and afternoon that will help as well. I got out at 9 this morning, but it really didn't matter. Once the sun is up you might as well just consider the run a jog.

So I ended the run early and only got about three miles, a good recovery run after yesterday. Then I jumped rope for about 1,000 total, alternating feet for half of it. After that I went to the pool because I was completely soaked and dripping and needed to cool off. I swam 3 x 2 laps at the pool, but it's not standard size I don't think, so I'm not sure what would that be in real swimming terms. Either way it was enough to wear out my shoulders so i suppose that is good enough. All in all a pretty good day.

9amPartly Cloudy79° F Sunny 86° F 80%H From WSW 2 mph
22:11 3.25 miles bf 1589

also did a run later, although i paused halfway so it was split into two when my ipod decided to stop the workout during the pause :<
23:28 3.37+ 25:54 3.75= 49:22 7.12miles bf 1595

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I really wish I could have gotten out the door earlier this morning. This run may have turned out a lot better. It was just too hot to run for very long. I did 40 minutes (barely) and made it to walmart for a quick water stop, but I was thirsty well before I got there and the legs were pretty sluggish. I did an out and back to walmart, so on the back I knew I would have to stop and take some walk breaks.

I might have been able to keep running if I had some water, but I didn't so I just did what I had to do. I took about three walk breaks, probably a total of maybe 8-10 minutes altogether and at different points on the way back, mostly after large hills. It took 40 minutes out, and 36 back, so really I only lost 4 minutes of running and considering how I felt it was worth it. I had a hard time getting started up after each break though and my legs were really spent. My third stop was the best because I got to into a air conditioned store and get some nice cold water. That was awesome. Although I didn't quite go as far as I wanted to, it was still a good high effort run and if running in the heat with sun bearing down doesn't make you more fit, I'm not sure what will.
11amSunny86° F Sunny 90°59%H From SSW 4 mph. bf 1586
1:16:07 11.01 miles

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I didn't sleep all that well last night and found myself awake at 5 am. After some twittering and checking of emails and such I figured it was time to get out there on the roads. Nothing incredible but it was nice to have some cool air in my lungs, not that fresh mind you with the smokers out in full force in the morning for some reason. Despite that it was a great run and it felt pretty easy.

I am supposed to do some speedwork today, but I think I will wait on that. I am trying out the nike+ coach because they have a new beta site with more options. I thought it would be helpful to have a guide to compare to, but honestly they have a ton of days off, even on the advanced coaching that I signed up for, and that's just not my style. Today was supposed to be some 800's, but I don't really see that happening because I want to run long tomorrow. I suppose I could do both, but I'm not exactly at the top of my game right now, so I err to the side of conservative rather than aggressive and just do another easy run tonight after caricatures.
7amMostly Sunny65° F Mostly Sunny 65° 74%H calm. bf 1575

Well the second run didn't happen. I ended up doing caricatures until 9 instead of 8, so by the time I got home it was really too dark to run. No problem really because I'll be able to do my long run in the morning tomorrow. I'm thinking 12, but we'll see how it goes I might be able to tack on a few miles.

Friday, August 7, 2009


I once thought heat was the worst part of the summer, but I was wrong. It is bugs. This is three runs in a row where I've had a bug fly directly into my eye. This one crawled around in my tearduct and I could not get it out. Eventually after stopping, hunched over in the middle of the road, I was able to excavate a head of the flying larva, but I'm not sure If I got the rest out or not. I took a short detour to the house and rinsed my eye out, but it was still stinging. Did I mention I had to surgically remove a bug about the size of a dime from April's eye the other day when we went running? Well I did, I now I feel very strongly that I am a qualified eye doctor when it comes to getting bugs out of your eye. The culprits are these little ant-like creatures, bigger than ants and of course have wings and fly in menacing packs. It's probably comical to see me running by, using both my hands in a windshield-wiper motion, while keeping my mouth sealed and eyes half open to avoid ingestion or otherwise catching them in my liquid fly-trap eyeballs.

So add bugs to the list of reasons to enjoy the cold of winter. Other than that stop I also stopped a few more times to get water. The world was against me today it seemed with two weather warnings: one for heat and humidity (90º today with high pressure) and another for an orange level air quality (yay) I wasn't sure if I'd even be able to breath. But I got out there, and even after the bug attack at 5.6 miles and my ipod thinking the run was over and ending the workout, I continued on for the remaining 28 minutes, so things seem to be rolling along. Fact: This week I've ran higher mileage than previous weeks in the past two months.

bf 1567

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Didn't post yesterday, but that doesn't mean I wasn't on the roads. It was a busy night and I kinda forgot to post the day. Nothing incredible happened, just a normal run at the soccer complex. April went with me and ran for at least half an hour. I was pretty impressed. She's been doing better.

Today was a normal run through the neighborhood. As many times as I've run it, it never feels any easier, although i guess thats the curse of running, it's always going to be hard if you push yourself.

7:15pm. 1:00:43, 8.88m. 83º 50%H. bf 1558

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


8pm. 48:23, 7.20m. 80º 60%H bf 1550

Monday, August 3, 2009


I'm really going to miss swimming after my runs come winter time. Feels great. I'm not that great of a swimmer, only swam about a lap and half before my arms got tired, so no triathlons on the horizon for me. Quads were a bit sore today.

1:00:16, 8.75. 80º 61%H bf 1543

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Back on the roads again. It's been a trying last month or two, but I've hung in there by the soles of my running shoes getting a few runs in here and there. I really lacked the drive that I usually have for running. I'm not sure exactly why but I suppose the changes and life situations I've been dealing with are the brunt of it. I tend to devote all my time and energy toward one or maybe two things, and pretty much anything else gets pushed to the wayside. And when that happens running running can get the boot, no pun intended. The funny thing is I really don't feel bad about my time off, or laziness as most runners might say, although my body would tend to disagree with that feeling. In the end I've realized that it's okay to take time for yourself sometimes and not always give in to the running gods whenever things get tough.

So I'm not going to say I'm back, but I am planning for a half marathon in November (and therefore a 5 or 10k before that). Hopefully putting my name on a sign-up sheet and paying the registration fee early will awake some internal mechanism that aligns my brain into training mode. If not I'm not to worried about it. My goal is to just train as well as I can and not expect any miracles. I still want to do well, that is always a given, but I'm not going to push myself into oblivion to get results this time around. Of course I say that now, but those of you who read this humble blog know that once I'm in the midst of miles and gatorade and race prediction calculators oblivion becomes a very relative term. So as usual I will try to stay consistent, and hopefully the results will follow. If you are reading this, then thank you friend, for sticking around to see what's my happening in my tiny little cross section of humanity.

3x hills
3x accels
1:15:08, 10.85. 80º 60%H. bf 1535