Sunday, August 9, 2009


I really wish I could have gotten out the door earlier this morning. This run may have turned out a lot better. It was just too hot to run for very long. I did 40 minutes (barely) and made it to walmart for a quick water stop, but I was thirsty well before I got there and the legs were pretty sluggish. I did an out and back to walmart, so on the back I knew I would have to stop and take some walk breaks.

I might have been able to keep running if I had some water, but I didn't so I just did what I had to do. I took about three walk breaks, probably a total of maybe 8-10 minutes altogether and at different points on the way back, mostly after large hills. It took 40 minutes out, and 36 back, so really I only lost 4 minutes of running and considering how I felt it was worth it. I had a hard time getting started up after each break though and my legs were really spent. My third stop was the best because I got to into a air conditioned store and get some nice cold water. That was awesome. Although I didn't quite go as far as I wanted to, it was still a good high effort run and if running in the heat with sun bearing down doesn't make you more fit, I'm not sure what will.
11amSunny86° F Sunny 90°59%H From SSW 4 mph. bf 1586
1:16:07 11.01 miles


janelle said...

I'm right there with you- yesterday was brutally hot! At least there is some satisfaction to be had in the fact that you got out there and completed your run :)

Ron said...

Before we know it the winter will be here and we'll be wishing for heat again ;) You are so right, and that was totally my attitude about the run. It may not have been the best, but I was out there.