Sunday, August 23, 2009


Had a rough past few days. Most of it was work related. I also have been having that shin pain reoccur, now even when walking so that was kind of bumming me out too. I got started back a little too fast I think. So lets see, on Friday it rained most of the day and lightninged, but I still managed to get on the treadmill for a few miles. The shin pain was noticeable, but once I started going fast I just kept going and eventually turned it into a tempo run. Unfortunately when i run on the treadmill I don't use headphones because they get caught up in my armswing, so I had no idea the run wasn't being recorded. It may have been the fastest run yet, but who knows now.

Saturday I spent calling about jobs and it was a very lackluster day. I was excited about the jobs, but it literally took ALL day and I didn't get out the door because of a badly timed nap later on. By the time I got up and had some food and still felt pain in my shin I lost my motivation.

Today was a good day, spent most of it shopping for caricature this and that's. I have three or four jobs coming up and need to have signs, lighting, seating, banners, da da-da da-da created so that took up most of the day. We left this morning and were having dinner with our friends later. April is now in the Bride's lounge and we have to move her gigantic large format printer over there, and our friends who own the lounge offered us help with thier truck after dinner. So by the time that was said and done and we made it home it was dark and 9:30. Still I wasn't going to let another day slip by. I got out the door and just ran my butt off. It was soooo cool today I just couldn't let this day go without hitting the pavement and feeling the nice cool breeze. The minor shin pain is still there but I just want to run through it and see what happens, I really have nothing to lose at this point and I've had the pain before, so either that's a good thing or bad. We'll see.

Friday - 1 mile recorded (~4 actual miles total) tempo (hard effort) 1695
Saturday - rested (shin pain/unmotivated)

9:30pmMostly Clear68° F Mostly Clear 70° F 70% From NNE 5 mph
1:16:17 11.24m bf 1706


Sheila said...

Sorry to hear you're having shin pain. You sure you don't want to rest up and let that heal?

Take care...

Ron said...

Sheila, it's an off and on thing. I'm fighting through it to get to my half, but I'm cutting back when things start getting too shady.

sorry I didn't respond sooner, sometimes I miss a comment :)