Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Recovery run and man did I ever need it. Hams are extremely tight. But what am I writing here for, I still haven't updated yesterday's blog.

Ok so yeah hams were trashed today. I tried stretching them, but not much luck. Took it real easy on the run and just kept recovery in mind. Some kids, well not really kids but like 15-16 year olds with toy guns ran behind me and pretended to shoot me after I ran by. Kind of scary to be honest, but I just completely ignored them. I always run by them and they act weird. i know they talk about doing stuff to me, and I've had things thrown at me on a few occasions, but once I turned around and ran back at them -- But it would seem intimidation only works for so long. I figured the best thing was to let them be idiots and if it gets any worse tell their mommies about it.

But it was a really nice night other than that. It wasn't supposed to rain but it did around 5, a real downpour. Then the sun came out and it was beautiful. This created a real nice cool humidity in the air that made the run quite pleasant. Good day to be running.

6:15 pm, home, 75 degrees, wet and cool.
49:00, gf 181

Monday, September 29, 2008


I am so tired right now, so sorry if none of this makes any sense.

Long run was moved to today. Went over to the Ball Camp Park as I think that will my venue for long runs pretty much until I find somewhere better. Got there a little late because I had to wait for April to get home since she had my car. So It was a quarter till 6 when I started my run. Man I think I'm too tired to do this tonight. The run really wore me out. I'll update tomorrow.

Ok well this run took place at the park, well at least it started there. Went up Kingston Pike like last week. It was actually a pretty easy run out to walmart. I went farther than last week past the gas station and took a right towards walmart then turned after going through the tunnel that goes under the road. I always like going through that tunnel, it's just different. I thought of what Ryan Hall said too, that everytime he runs through a tunnel he imagined himself going into the stadium at the olympics. What an awesome thought to associate with your average tunnel. I think it kind of shows the mindset you have to have to be great.

So things were going real well. I made it through the intersection two times, made it over the hills, and was now making my way up the incline back toward the park. It was about 1:11 minutes into the run. I still hadn't had any water. The reason for that was the run was much shadier than I had anticipated and so I wasn't sweating as much as I thought I would. So I was cool and using less energy. All the same about that time my mouth was pretty dry and I was looking forward to the getting the next mile and half over so I could get my ice-cold water. So I finally made it and took my water around the soccer fields for a lap on the cracked pavement.

After returning my water bottle I headed out toward the "back" fields, but they were having soccer matches out there too so I just stuck to my normal loop. The normal loop is running around the cracked pavement, then between the tennis courts and baseball diamond, and out towards the other soccer fields, then turning around. I did that for the next 25 minutes. This was no easy task. My forefoot was hurting just from the pounding it had taken and my legs were sore. REALLY sore and tight in the hamstrings. It started tightening on that last incline, but now it was asking for some rest. But I was almost done and I wasn't doing any crazy pace so I knew I would make the whole run, especially after that refreshing water stop. Still it wasn't the easiest of runs. I really regretted that 800 yesterday.

The muscles weren't sore from overuse, but I think it was just muscle tissue that had expanded (i.e. grown) and needed rest. I really wish I could have taken a day off for recovery, but I didn't think I had worked THAT hard. In my mind the long run is more important anyway, and the longer I waited to do it, the worse that would have been in terms of building on my fitness. I really feel if you loose that long run, you lose a large portion of your endurance. When I got back home I went out with April. I really didn't feel like it, but it's just one of things where sometimes your spouse leaves you no choice. So I slept in the car while she went in to walmart.

By the time I got home around 10 at that point, I was purely exhausted and just wanted to pass out anywhere. So I got some gooood sleep last night.

5 pm, Ball Camp Park, 79-76 degrees and a lot of shade.
1:52:52, gf 175

man I must have not woken up

I just checked what I was SUPPOSED to do for my HR test and I did it completely wrong and backwards.

What can I say- it was a long day.

So anyway I was supposed to an 800 first, then 2 minutes rest and a 400 after that.

OH WELL. April said she was going to help me do it one day, and you're supposed to have someone there to time you while you count your pulse for 6 seconds just as you cross the finish line of the last one. So I'll be able to do it right next time.

But that little test might be good to try in a few months, just to see.

alrighty then, I'm out.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


An unexpected day. I need to eat now, but I'll update soon

Okay well we were having everyone over from church today to our house for lunch around 1. I was planning on running maybe at 5 ish so I'd be done by 7. Well we got to church and everything went fine, then we got ready to go and April's car wouldn't start. It turned over but wouldn't start, so yes all you smart people out there, we tried jumping it, but the same result. Wouldn't start. I even pumped the gas while turning it over (and it had 3/4 tank). I thought maybe it was because April had parked on this incline. Other cars were on it too, but I just thought maybe it was the reason. So we put er in neutral and turned it sideways so it would be level. Still nothing. So we conceded and just had some church peeps help us park it - which wasn't hard to steer because no power steering.

Anyway luckily we saw a couple who was going to our house and hitched a ride home with them. We still had to put food in the oven and all the host things y'know so it was kind of stressful. The day went well and it was actually funny because after eating and everything we had deep discussions about economy, technology, and all this stuff. Two of the guys were computer engineers, so y'know how that goes - i.e. they were pretty darn smart, but I got a few words in of my own accord.

So anyway after all that it was like 3:45-4 and I was just too tired. Set the alarm for 5 and took a nap. Of course I overslept till 6:45. I don't know if I turned off the alarm, or just didn't set it right because I was tired. either way it was already done. So April had taken a nap too and I woke up because she woke up. She wanted to check on her car, I wanted to run. I had told her she could drive my car to work tomorrow and we would go try to get the other car tomorrow night since no Auto places are open on Sunday anyway. Apparently she didn't care about that and decided to get her dad and go look at it. All this time I wanted to run and just deal with the whole thing tomorrow.

I'm not sure if that is right, but I didn't see the point of going out there for no reason, possibly having to have it towed anyway, and then having it sit outside an Auto shop until tomorrow. So by the time I was done running it was 8:30 and they were getting back. The car started apparently, but I don't know if it was BEFORE or after they put gas in it. Apparently it just needed to level out, but still the incline had a million other cars, so obviously something was wrong. Her dad thinks it's the fuel pump. How much does that cost you say? $800-1000 for our car. How much does the car cost you say? $2000-2200. You do the math on that.

So I don't know if it we will get it fixed for half what the entire car cost, or just sell it and cut our losses and buy another used car that will need $1000 part in two years.

Okay so that was a GREAT day. But what about running. Well Since I didn't have time for a long run I decided to just go ahead and do the HR test today, then long run tomorrow. Seemed like a good enough plan. Since April had my car I couldn't go to the track so I just had to guesstimate a 200meter stretch, and an 800 meter stretch. I had one planned out right by our house, but there was a 4-way stop halfway, which usually there are no cars stopped at.

So I do my warm up and jog and get my muscles ready for abuse. Take my time and do my form drills, or at least what I would call form drills, I still need to perfect the drills themselves. So after about 10 minutes I was ready and set my HR monitor and my ipod and took off down the straightaway. About halfway down I see a car stop at the stop sign. It's fine I'm not even close to it and they'll be gone by the time I get up there. BUT they don't move. They just sit there. NOW I don't know if they are going or stopping, so I can't run through the intersection - It's a neighborhood intersection with 15 mph speed limit by the way, not a real road --. So at the last second I veer off to the right and head down the next road, which is slightly uphill. So I'm chucking up this incline at near top speed, pretty mad at the zombie mode car and I'm feeling like I'm working hard. (breathing hard, legs burning, gasping for air, etc.) I check my HR monitor and it says 178 top. ?? ok. I figure it was a fluke no way it could be that low.

But I've only got two minutes recovery, so I ignore it and move on. 800 coming up next. I have no CLUE how long that is, but again I can guesstimate. So I figure I'll use my ipod and just do .5 miles and use that as a guide. This is all fine and well until you actually have to look at your ipod, while running at top speed, and while holding your ipod and trying to make out tiny little numbers while your bouncing around on pavement. So needless to say the 800 consisted of 2 full 360 turnarounds (because of the cul-de-sacs) and I really didn't feel like it was incredibly my fastest speed. Although my legs were really shot from the 200... Max HR was 183 for that, so I was working maybe a little harder, but the first part was back down the slight incline, and there were two turnarounds, so who knows.

BAh. . . But it was good just to try it I suppose.I still haven't analzyed what a 183 max HR is. If that's good or bad I have no clue. I think I want to redo the test is what I think! And that I will, but not till next week. For now I've moved everything up a day so I can still get a long run in before it's too late. I really think that the long run is an integral part of my training, and pushing it back or skipping just isnt an option. So Monday -long, Wed/Fri- slightly harder days, and then my schedule will be back to normal with Saturday as a rest day. Should be fine I just wont' have two rest days before my long run.

OKay WHAT A DAY, but it's in the books, and SORRY for the book I wrote. I also went for about 5-6 miles after my "test". Talk to you all tomorrow.

Form Drills
max HR test 1 - at home. Side street past house up incline. Then down incline normal loop ending past house.

7:17pm, home, 78?? degrees.
50:40, bf 538

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Last night I read some info on running that was posted in a letsrun forum a while back. Apparently the info had been deleted (server upgrade or something) but someone had managed to copy all the data before that. So I was reading up on it last night, and a lot of things coincided with what I've read elsewhere. The awesome part was that it actually showed HOW to implement these processes, and WHY you should do them the way they said. Those are two big things right there. So firstly the why had scientific data, plus actually test data the guy who wrote this "Hadd" had taken. Apparently he was a coach of some sorts. The specific example he used was a man who was once training for a 2:25 marathon, and had stopped running for five years. He was previously coached by Hadd, and now wanted to get back into it.

So the story goes on, but the interesting part was how much Hadd implemented heart rate. He had a test at the beginning of the 12 week cycle, then once a month after that to see improvement. Basically you run a mile at 140, 150, 160, 170, 180 and time it. Each month this guy improved his times at those heart rates. The cool thing was how the heart rate was used on a daily basis. The theory was that if you worked TOO hard, you would be running above your optimum heart rate, and thus not improving at a gradual incline. In a sense you are running before you can crawl, and miss important changes that your body needs inbetween those stages.

Pretty awesome stuff, and a lot of it I knew, but there were also schedules an actual data I could look at to see the process for myself so I was excited. April got me a heart rate monitor for Christmas and I hadn't used it much. But this stuff made me really want to get it out, and so I'm going to be trying to use it as often as I can. I'll post more on the theories and stuff tomorrow.

Ok well I had some time and remembered tomorrow is my long run. Well after looking through the heart rate stuff, I realize that taking it easy is fine on easy days, but since I haven't done the test yet, it's kind of a guess to just follow what the other guy did. So Tuesday I'm going to head to the track and do the test. But I also need to find my max heart rate, so that might be in the books after my long run is finished tomorrow. Ok that's all. 1 hr 50 minutes, looking forward to it (but not the 80 degrees, ouch!).

4:25 pm, 75 degrees, cloudy and a few sprinkles
40:30, bf 532
avHR 144, pkHR 155

Friday, September 26, 2008


Just going to keep this short. A real easy recovery run. It's funny but I actually tried to go a little slower than usual on this kind of run, and it turns out that made the run a little more difficult somehow. I was really focusing on the aerobic aspect so maybe I was just paying more attention to my breathing. So that was that, I didn't do accelerations tonight because of the slightest twinge still in my calf. I'm waiting until there are no more twinges before I give it a go.

core exercises, calf raises.

5:40pm, home, 70 degrees cloudy cool
49:00, bf 527

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Pretty nice run tonight. Girls were playing soccer tonight so at least there was some action. I couldn't help but think what people thought of me, running circles around them all night. So I started off slow as usual getting my first lap in, but of course that didn't last too long and I was ready to start running. Everything went really well. My shincalf wasn't hurting at all tonight. I think if I keep doing what I'm doing and getting rest + doing my calf raises and such that it will be fine, maybe even stronger than before. So the legs turned over really well.

Breathing wise I only had trouble towards the end going up the inclines, other than that it was wide open. So I stayed steady, pushing here and there when i felt like it. I really worked getting a soft landing and running smooth. I'm not really sure but I think the shin thing was from landing slightly too hard or something. Either way it seemed to help. The last mile and half I pushed the pace really good, felt like maybe 90% effort or more certainly somewhere below 6 minute pace I think. I really wanted to push because I wasn't breathing hard enough. My legs were a little tight, but I really felt like there was a lot of effort to spend. I might have to start doing a hill workout on Thursday's, Tuesday is too close to the long run. Well that's all the thoughts I have for today.

6:30, soccer complex, 76 degrees shady and cool
1:23:10, bf 521

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2 weeks 3 days

Okay I know it's just a tad early but I've been churning it over in my mind for a while. The big question is what pace should I try to go for at the race. Well firstly I plan on being in the front. That right there puts 6:00 first mile into my head just to keep up with those around me and not be trampled. So I think I will already be dead, haha.

My goal is the same as my 5k in November last year, to beat 20 minutes. I really believe I can do that this time around. For one, I'm feeling great and have a lot of energy in the tank on my runs. For two, last year I was really just getting started. Now although this summer was a wash due to injury, I've been able to continue my progress to some extent, and that is a huge improvement in comparison to last year. For third I am feeling really confident in my training and I think I've actually put in a lot more quality days than last year. I really think that's what is going to get me a good time - the quality days twice a week. Heck I could even say I have fourth thing and that's my long run is a ton farther than I ever expected it to be at this point. The 13 was hard, but that was mostly the course, breathing wise I was doing great.

So I'm going to go ahead and say my Gold goal 19:30, Silver 19:59, and Bronze would be beat last year's 20:45. So I really am going to try and hit that Gold time, it's a 6:16 pace. Just for perspective, my half marathon pace was like 6:54 and my last 10k was like 6:25, so this is totally doable in my humble opinion. So I think maybe next week it'll be time to visit the old track on Tuesday for a speed session of maybe 3 mile repeats with short rest at 6:00 pace???? yeah I think so.


Felt really good today on my run. My shincalf was acting up a little but not bad. A nice easy run a little earlier at home. It wasn't too hot, and there was a pretty good wind so it actually felt kind of cool. Also there was a lot of shade so that helped too. I didn't do any accelerations tonight because I did that fast mile last night. I don't think there was a great need for them anyway.

We got a new washer from a person April knows tonight, so that's why I had to work out earlier. We got our old one from 70's loaded up and the other one is all hooked up and ready. I ended up getting a pretty good cut on my palm. It was bleeding, but didn't hurt until afterward when I washed it out. It was kind of deep, but I'll manage.

So tonight it's core work which includes sittups, and I might do just one set of calf raises. I also am starting to stretch again. I stopped before because I didn't think it was doing anything for me. In fact there are entire arguments that stretching does nothing for you, and that they could even slow you down. All I know is I like being flexible and if that hurts my running somehow so be it. I mean not being able to touch your toes is pretty sad. I also read a blog a while back and the person had actually seen Ryan Hall and the other elites at the pre-race massage tables or something. Anyway he said that they were all really flexible, so I'm kind of leaning toward that.

4:15pm, home, 80 degrees??? little windy
49:00, bf 511

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My calves were sore today, I only did like two sets of 15 yesterday. So that wasn't the best thing in the world. But it was a good run today. I fell asleep around 5 when April got home, she decided to pass out too, and I got up a little after 6:30. Man I thought for a few seconds about skipping the run, but my smarter side took over. I've been doing well and so decided to continue the tradition.

The run started off fairly well at the complex. Just took the first two miles kinda slow, then started to work. I was really feeling fine other than my legs (overall) just feeling kind of sore. But they started to warm up and before I knew it I was halfway done. I had a little motivation tonight as there is a guy who runs with his dog. I think it's a cocker-spaniel, but it runs with him without a leash which is cool. It never bothers me when I run by, so all was good. Anyway the guy is pretty fast, but usually only stays for a few miles. So I tried to beat his pace every time around. About two miles to go I really started moving, and the last mile I just went all out.

I haven't checked my ipod so I don't know exactly how fast I was going on it. It wasn't my fastest ever, BUT it was at the end of my run, and I was feeling really good. I did notice a few blisters on my toes though. I haven't really had any lately so that wasn't good, but they weren't too bad either. Anyway I finished pretty strong and it felt good to go fast for an entire mile. Since it was already dark it was nice and cool out and that made the run even easier.

I've just been thinking about my goals lately and on these harder runs I need to just go ahead and work really hard. I need to get a lot faster. Sometimes I feel like I'm not even working, and so I'm going to try to get out of that habit on my Tuesday/Thursday runs and really work to get my legs strong. So that run is out of the way, and 80 minutes has never felt shorter before.

full back routine

7:00pm, soccer complex,slight wind, a
very cool 68?? degrees
1:22:30, bf 505

Monday, September 22, 2008


I was really surprised today. My legs weren't sore at all. The shin didn't hurt at all today except at 15 minutes it had a little shooting pain, but that was it. I took it nice and easy today and really made sure not to push. It felt like a brisk jog. It was a little sunny out and warm, but since it was getting dark there was plenty of shade about half the time so it seemed a lot cooler.

I really was surprised. My legs felt so heavy and tight and tired and overworked yesterday that I thought for sure they would be sore. Maybe I'm getting better at cooling down? I was also thinking maybe it's that I've been taking it easier on my recovery runs. I really think that's helped. Instead of pounding after pounding, my legs are getting rest inbetween and don't break down as easily. I know this is common sense, but it's hard to apply it when you're out there trying to get better.

I went all out tonight since the legs felt so good, and no shin stuff. Three accelerations of a good 100 yards right after my run. I kind of used that as my cool down with jogging/walking inbetween. Then I did calf raises, sittups, nearly all my dynamic core strength drills, and some crunches and leglifts too! So yeah it was a good day for doing all the "little" things. I really think it's going to help me stay healthy and run strong.

I think I was more motivated to do those things tonight because I was reading about foot and shin pain and how to prevent it. It turns out a lot of the things I did in high school helped prevent injuries (and I didn't even know it). Things like calf raises- supposedly that helps build muscles that prevent shinsplints. I used to do them religiously every day. So tonight was an attempt to go back to just doing things I "feel" like doing, because in all honesty the only reason I don't do things is because I think it will take away from my running. Like for instance I might overwork my calves or something. It's easy to sit and read this and say Oh that's ridiculous, but I really do think that way a lot. So anyway thats going to change from now on.

6:21 pm. home, mostly shady 78 degrees
48:30, bf 495

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Wow wow wow. Lot of action today.

Well it's Sunday and you know what that means.....wake up call by Mercedes!!! yaaay. Arrgh what a horrid way to start yet another Sunday, and I was sleeping sooooooo good. I could feel myself coming out of a deep sleep and I tried to hold on to it, but she just kept going. Ach, makes me so mad.

Somehow I managed to get up for church, and actually I wasn't all that tired - I guess I've gotten used to the 4 hours of sleep Saturday night. Church went fine, but as I said before our group is broken up so it's a little weird. The theme is "live like you're dying" and it's actually really relevant to our let it slide mindsets nowadays. The pastors wife actually had a brain tumor and she talked about the effect it had on her life, and how she was just happy to wake up, be able to brush her hair, the little things we all take for granted. She also said she changed her mindset about how to live, and told us what it was like to start realizing that you could be sitting at the Lord's feet in a week. That's tough stuff to swallow, but it was pretty awesome too.

So church was fine, had some spaghetti for lunch, then watched a movie. It was Prefontaine. I hadn't seen the Jared Leto version. It was good, but I don't think a lot of the attitudes they made Pre have really existed. But other things seemed realistic (just comparing it to the books I've read about Bowerman and Pre). I like without limits better, but this movie is about running, pre, and bowerman, so it's right up there in my book.

Ah the run today. Holy smokes this is going to be a long entry, because it was a long run. May have to finish it tomorrow.

Well first I went over to middlebrook, to the OTHER soccer complex. I guess we're big on soccer here. Well it is also a small park with baseball, but behind that is....you guessed it, more soccer fields. Actually I just looked it up, it's ball camp community park. Here is the map. I ran a little around the track to start, then headed all the way down middlebrook and turned around at gallaher. Google says it's 3.9 miles, and that was about what I estimated it at too.
The thing you have to understand is that middlebrook pike is not flat, there is a huge hill on that first part, where the 169 is. It's a gradual incline that just goes on forever, then there are more rolling and graduals as you travel on down. I was doing okay, but the heat was really bearing down on me for most of the run as there is also little shade. Also when you reach that curve just before halfway, the sidewalk goes into a major intersection. I end up having to dodge and weave traffic there. It's the most dangerous part of the run, but there is no way around it because there isn't a sidewalk on the other side! Thanks civic engineers.

Heading back the hills and heat were already slowing me down a bit, but I pressed on as at that point I had only been running just over 45 minutes. My goal was to go out 35 minutes and come back for water. So I'd be hitting my water station at 1:10 minutes and have 34 minutes left to run. I know that's a long time without water, but I would have had to double back up that huge incline again going out to make my run any significant distance, so obviously I wasn't going to do that.

So I'm coming back, and when I get to the incline it's now downhill, so I got myself a breather. I ran to my car and got my water, but I didn't stop running, I kept jogging around the path there with my waterbottle - I never really do that, so this was a good opportunity to simulate getting water in a race. After I tossed my waterbottle I kept going, deciding that I could make loops around the soccerfield for a half hour instead of take that big hill again. And so at
1:11 I started the loop. When I finished I looked at my ipod - ah crap it didn't log that mile.... I had paused when I opened my car door, but when I unpaused running away from it, it just started playing music and never resumed the workout. I was too busy watering and jogging to notice. Crap. So I figured I took 6-8 minutes on that loop.

So feeling a little demoralized for a second I re-did the loop. Meanwhile a new soccer game had started. I'm not sure if the people were sick of me running circles around them, but I didn't care at that point :-) This time at the far end I noticed the soccer fields behind the park and decided to run into them. All I can say is that it was great. There was grass everywhere that was moderately flat. Perfect and huge areas, with an abandoned parking lot (well it was all locked up so no cars). So now my loop had grown quite large with this addition and I was feeling really good.

As you know my shin has been hurting. Many times on this run I would shooting pain that would last 2-3 seconds, then go away. I'd say that happened 6-8 times during my run. The grass was soft and perfect. But I was having a hard time. The hills had destroyed my legs. I could feel them burning with each step. The grass didn't help any. Firstly it's not entirely flat. There are divits and craters and sideways areas. Secondly it's grass, so you have to lift your knees higher, and my knees were NOT wanting to do that. So I struggled along, taking in the pain and just pushing and driving. I did another lap or two of this with dead legs, figuring that If I ended at 1:36 that would definitely be 12 miles, and considering the minutes that weren't counted that I would have reached my goal. So I dug deep and reached it and ran the rest of the way back to the car for the rest of my water.

Aerobically this wasn't a hard workout, there was one time on a hill coming back on middlebrook where I was breathing good, but the rest was really just fighting the tight burning pain in my quads and hams. Honestly I didn't think I would be able to go this far today. I mean really, this was like a hill workout AND a longrun put together in some sick torture training plan. All the same these hills are almost like the ones downtown. If I can do it here in 80 degree heat right now, I know I can do it there in March.

So this run was difficult, but definitely a confidence booster. I iced the shin again, which is becoming tradition, and I plan on getting some corework in tomorrow. I'm too tired to do anything else tonight.

3:45pm, ball camp, sunny 83 degrees 10 mph wind
1:38:22(+6 weren't logged = 1:44:00), bf 489

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Recovery run tonight. I'm not really sure if 6 miles qualifies as recovery, but nonetheless it felt easy. I think I've been doing a good job of taking it easy on my easy days, and that has helped me feel a lot better. Before I was doing doubles, which in itself is fine, but not when you're pushing through both of them. If anything they should have been recovery pace, I'm just now starting to find out how fast (or slow) that is I think. Either way I feel in great shape already, which is good. Well actually i FEEL in great shape, but I know that I'm just scratching the surface.

Tomorrow is long run day. I'm looking forward to it. I think it's 1:40 minutes. It should be easy enough, might even make it a little longer. Oh I changed my average pace from 7:30 to 8. I think I was giving myself a little too much credit before. I'd rather run longer for the same miles anyway. I'm really trying to get the maximum amount of time out there, so I think it's a good idea. So I'll probably make tomorrows run around 104 minutes, so that it's an even 13 miles. I'm going to keep increasing to about 15 miles, then hold that for a few weeks before adding a mile. Rinse and repeat until my hill phase and by then I should be up to 18-19. After that I plan on doing a marathon before the year is out - just as a long run not an actual race. I think that will definitely get me in the right mindset for the winter holidays.

Hill phase is over rather quickly, only 3 weeks there. - although technically I plan on doing some hills before the actual hill phase begins- Then it's all speedwork for a good 2.5 - 3 months. That'll be awesome and all kinds of gains are going to be made there. Basically I'll be running mile repeats (with rest) at 5:30-6:00 pace. So yeah that WILL be awesome.

6:58pm, home, 73 degrees cool
48:35, bf 476

Friday, September 19, 2008


A nice recovery run tonight. Went ahead and added an extra mile or so, since the pace was a bit slower. Legs were pretty beat up from the run yesterday, but mostly just my left shin. Definitely need to put some ice on that.

Run went fine other than the little aches, wasn't much aerobically, but of course it's better than nothing. Another poodle chased me, of course dragging it's leash behind it. I love just jogging and them not being able to catch me. The pugs that live in that area are more determined and faster too, haha.

These runs haven't been difficult at all, but I'm going to keep grinding them out just the same. I need a huge base going, and injury free when I start doing my harder workouts. That's really the only thing keep coming back to is keeping my legs fresh. I didn't do any accelerations tonight, I didn't want to flare up the shin any more than it is.

Almost had a mural job, but it turned out that the person didn't want to pay my minimum. I guess they had a "friend' that was going to do it for about half the price. It sucks to turn down money, but it's my job and I can't work for free. Maybe if I knew them or something I'd cut them a deal, but it just wasn't worth my time. There will be more jobs soon enough. My mural is almost done! I have maybe one more day just to add some details and refine, but to the average person they would think it's finished.

guess that's all.

6:39pm, home,
57:36, bf 470

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Getting fit. Being in shape is a good thing. My runs are already getting easier and the miles and minutes are adding up pretty easily. My only concern is injuries. I don't see how professional athletes deal with it. I mean you get hurt and bam you're set back for months. So I'm trying my best to push myself, but not too far. It's a thin line.

Tonight was great. Started off real slow and then picked it up as the run went along. I've been pretty good about taking it easy the first mile or two and letting my muscles get warm before going a little faster. I was at the soccer complex tonight. It was good because there are games going on there all the time. I like having other people there, just any movement breaks the monotony. I know that won't last much longer. Once November and December roll around there will be no one in sight.

Really got going there towards the end. My breathing is good, but not great yet. I still have plenty of aerobic training to do. It's getting easier to run, but at the same time it's a bad thing. It's bad because it means running further on my middle/long distance runs, and that puts more pressure on my legs. I know I could do other things that have the benefit, but running miles just seems like the best way to get results. I guess I can always take it slow and add a few extra miles, but again that line draws near when you do stuff like that. All the same I had 75 minutes for tonight, but ended up with 80. I sort of recalculated my average pace and I think it's closer to 8, so I think running an extra few minutes should just about negate that.

Legs felt kind of tired actually tonight, at least for the first two or three miles. I didn't really have any pain other under my right big toe. It was more of a nagging than a pain, but I guess i should note that in case it gets worse.

6:30, soccer complex, 78 degrees.
1:21:01, bf 463

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well just 3 and a half weeks away from the 5k. I am totally not prepared for it, and I know I won't be PR'ing or anything, but it will be fun. I remember the course from last year and it's pretty fast considering its downtown. The good part is it starts going the opposite direction from the Covenant Health race, which is totally hilly and just tough.

Last year we got there late, well sort of late. I tried to make my way to the front, but never did and ended up getting a delayed start. It was just for fun so it didn't matter. I didn't even have a timing chip, but it did make my run harder because I was dodging and weaving. This year I'll have to make sure to be toward the front. I have a timing chip so that's good just in case something should happen I'll still have an accurate time.

Today was recovery day. I keep saying my calf is what hurts, but it's not really the calf itself. It's more the shinbone I guess. Pain is such a hard thing to describe, especially when you're trying to just write where it is. I can't just point to it and say, right THERE. So anyway it was doing fine until I did my accelerations at the end. That's when it started it's thing. I put some ice on it tonight, and will keep doing that until it goes away for good. Right now it's off and on. So yeah, recovery run was actually quite fun. I didn't have to work to hard and just sort of jogged along and felt good. It was nice not having to push. It reminded me that sometimes and a lot of times it's okay to slack off and take it easy.

6:42 pm, home, sunny
46:00, bf 455

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Creaky. I'm not sure if thats a correct adjective, but I really felt that way on the run tonight. Things were just sore in weird places and I never really felt smooth. Maybe it was a change in shoes. I think it may have also been from the harder run yesterday (knew I should have slowed) and the accelerations.

But all the same I felt fast. A good 9 miles I would say, maybe a little less. I want to get a garmin for christmas. I might even get the new one, it looks the least dorky and may have a better receiver for the gps signal. It looks like a watch in comparison to the model I was thinking about getting.



Haha, I guess thats just one more techno thing to add to the running gear. It'll be nice to know what the real miles I'm running are though. I will admit running for time has been easier. I tend to slow down when I feel "it" just enough to get my reserves back, then I can get back on pace. Running for time also seems easier somehow. I guess it's that you have the goal set, and you know you can push just that little bit extra to get there. Today I set it for 75 minutes, which was a little longer than my daily run usually is. For a while I was like, okay I'll just run 65 minutes, or 70, then be done because that's enough. But there is this little voice inside that says "why not just go all the way" and once you hear it, just about any time would be possible.

ah i just passed my old nike sensor that had to be replaced.

new sensor

5:53 pm SC, party cloudy 75 degrees.
1:15:45, gm 468

Monday, September 15, 2008


I was surprised as I wasn't sore from my long run. Of course the calf had it's normal thing going on, no need repeating myself there; it's just a lingering twinge now. I felt really good running. Nice turnover and breathing wasn't too hard even though I was probably going a little faster than I should have. This run felt like it was over before it started. It's amazing how those long runs have such quick and direct results! I'm just amazed by the difference. Of course I have also been running consistently so that has it's part too.

I did two accelerations after my run, maybe 50 yards long. There is a nice little straightaway beside my house, so it's a great spot for doing this kind of thing. I'm feeling really confident right now about my goal time. I feel like I'm in really good shape already, so as long as I can keep it going I know there are huge improvements on the horizon.

5:47pm, home, 72 degrees
43:08, bf 449

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yay, long run day.

Church was pretty good this morning. We go to a group that actually meets before church and it's sort of like a bible study/marriage builder type of deal. It's actually supposed to be the marriage thing, but it ends up being more like a bible study to me. Anywho things are changing up due to the leadership wanting it to be more focused on the whole marriage thing. It's kind of funny because no one really wants that. So our group might get split up, but for the next four weeks every group is doing the same thing - which is study the series our pastor is teaching. It's a good idea, but our group was actually just starting to click.

So that was good, the bad part was being starved through that, and then through church. Mercedes has this thing where likes to meow at random times during the night. It's not just a meow though, it's like a mrrrrrrAAAAAAAWWW!, over and over. So I had to get up and "lock" her in the laundry room. Now this doesn't sound bad, but you have to understand I'm a light sleeper. It takes me an hour EVERY night to go to sleep. So once I got up my metabolism started and I was hungry. I had already went to sleep late because I watched SNL, so I'd only slept maybe 3 or 4 hours, another thing that kills me. So i grabbed a plum and drank some water. Then I went back to sleep or tried to for a half hour. By the time I was back to sleep it was time to get up for church. So I didn't have any time to eat a real breakfast and was starved.

Long story, but at least the day turned around at church. We went out to eat, which is custom now on Sunday not because it's a nice thing to do, but because it saves on gas having to go out some other time. Me not having a job has really, really put a pinch on our spending. It's not like teachers get paid much anyway, but now that's not even happening so it's basically like being poor.

So we had a good lunch and I loaded up on my carbs. I had a nap, then it was time to get ready for the one and half hours of running. I was kind of worried because storm clouds were hovering, and it had been super windy all day. I was more worried about the wind. The run started off normal enough. I went super slow, as advised, and before I knew it I had my half hour in, a third of the way done. I was sweating good, despite no sun and the wind whipping me here and there. About halfway through, some dude just blows by me. I was going to chase him, but he turned off the track and went down the road to who knows where. If this guy was on his long run, then props to him for keeping that pace. I wasn't really that far back, but he put a pretty good distance on me. Even if he would have kept running on the track I wouldn't have caught him. Of course he might have just only run a mile or two, where I was already there almost an hour.

Anyway that got my blood pumping, and feeling pretty good I picked up the pace. With 20 minutes left I started to get a side stitch or something, maybe it was lungs hurting or my heart, not real sure but it was in that general area. I also had the famous shoulder pain. It's a funny pain that has nothing to do with your shoulder muscles, but it feels like someone is digging their finger into a pressure point there. I guess it has something to do with the nervous system trying to get you to stop your foolish running. But I stuck it through, and surprisingly I put in a half hour more than I've run since starting back. It also helped that it started sprinkling randomly. That cooled me down a little and kept my motivation up.

So that was a definite positive. The other good thing was the day off helped my calf and it didn't hurt at all today.
Whew, that was a huge entry, but I think you're almost all caught up :-)

windy, sprinkles
4:45pm, Sc
1:30:05, bf 444


day off as scheduled.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Things are really going well. I might even have a mural job soon. April saw it and contacted them, so I dunno, something might happen, seemed like a small job but I'll take it.

Running went well today. I am really trying to follow Galloway's advice and take easier days, so today was only about 40 minutes I think. I just took it real easy. The calf thing is still there kinda, so it makes sense to run a little easier. Tomorrow is another easy day too. Then I have a long run. I'm going for an hour and half, at least that's my goal. It will be super slow I'm guessing, but that is fine. In my plan I want to build to 2 hours and hold that for my long run until my hill phase. Once I reach that, the long run will keep increasing until I reach around 5 hours, which if everything works the way I plan, will be three weeks before my marathon. It will be tight. I know 7 months sounds like a long time, but it's really not for a full training pyramid.

6:15pm, home
35:19, bf 443

Thursday, September 11, 2008


A good run tonight. We went out to eat at a mexican restaurant tonight when April got home. So I didn't really overeat, but when you have to run in a matter of hours, eating anything isn't so good. April loves eating early, obviously I don't. It makes the first 15 minutes of my run pretty uncomfortable. I might just start having to eat separate or something, because she doesn't like eating late. She eats lunch at like 11:30 in the morning anyway so it makes it even worse. I don't know why she does that though as she can take her lunch anytime during the day. But whatever I'm not that controlling.

So the run started off pretty miserable with sloshing and just feeling like I was going to puke. I was going to jog a mile, but because I was in distress I was already jogging just trying to keep my legs moving. So by about three or four the stomach had settled just a little and things started to get moving. Halfway through the run I could see storm clouds moving in. They eventually did and I was expected, even hoping for, a complete downfall. I was so sweaty and hot it would have been nice, but only a few short-lived sprinkles fell. It got dark and the soccer games that were going on ended, so I was running by a lot of cars. It was good though, pace was not too fast. Definitely had that "refreshing" feeling while running, getting a nice easy knee lift.

The calf felt really good today. I iced it last night, so I think that helped a whole lot. It was just a little tingly here and there, but feels much better than it did. Looks like I'll be doing that from now. It also helped I got some wrap, so I don't have to sit and hold the ice down like I have in the past.

78 degrees, 66% humid
7:35, Sc
1:01:01, bf 438

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Just a run around the neighborhood tonight. I worked on my schedule today. Things are looking okay, but i wish I had about an extra week or two. I might have to cut a few things out of the plan I'm wanting to use. But for the most part everything lines up pretty well. I might just end up cutting some of my base off- just a week or two, which could actually be made up for with long runs. I still have some tweaking to do, but the basics are there.

Tonight's run was good. Calf was still a little bothersome, but only now and then. Felt really good on this run, legs felt real fresh and responsive. I had forgotten what that was like when I was running those 70 mile weeks. So I took it easy tonight. Actually I'll be taking a lot more easy days - which in turn should lead to recovery and a lot more hard days too. Kind of cool how that works. So just 45 minutes tonight, which was an even two loops without the huge hill. Breathing was real good, but it was later so there was no real heat.

I had to cut down my dinner as we didn't eat till 6:30. I just had a real small portion of everything so it would at least be somewhat digested before my run. I didn't have any stomach pains or anything like that so I guess it worked.

Okay going to work on my schedule some more. Then I have to get to sleep, I'm trying to get a big chunk of the mural done, and it's coming along real nice. Maybe by this weekend I'll have everything covered and can put some details in and finally be done!

7:45pm, home
46:33, bf 430

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

needing an update

Well I was looking at how bad I am at updating the running log on freewebs, so i think I want to try something different.

I am either going to make my own- I know a little web design from college so that could work at least aesthetically. It doesn't need to be that much anyway.

Or I could go the simpler route and just create a table. i kind of like the table idea because it will be quick. it won't look very pretty, but at least it will be organized.

just something blog related, so I figured I would add that.


Rainy day today. I think it's from all the hurricanes. I wasn't sure about the run today. I cooked dinner for April, and she ended up having to stay a little later at work. So we didn't eat till 6 instead of 5:30. Not a big difference, unless you want to run before it's dark, of course. So my stomach didn't feel good at 7:30 at all. The first few miles was no picnic.

But like usual it wore off after a while. This run was great for 2 reasons, and bad for 1. The first was that the sun was already setting, and it was cloudy anyway so it was cool. The second was that it had rained all day so it was even cooler and the humidity made it easy on the lungs. The bad part was my left calf thing still hurt, so I couldn't run as far as I wanted to. It comes and goes it seems. I'm thinking that on Friday/Saturday I'll take it really, really, really easy running and then it should be good for Sunday. But that is just hope.

So tonights run was good. At a half hour I was like okay, I can make it another mile. Then I got there, said the same thing, and did that a few more times and finished at just over an hour. That is great! The more hours I get in the better. It was a pretty nonchalant run. I spent most of it thinking about my goals for my big race, and the rest of it just enjoying running through the cool mist.

7:30, Sc
1:01:56, bf 424

Monday, September 8, 2008


Pretty much died today. I didn't get to update anything other than the date. I was sooo tired. I put in an hour or something like that. I can't even remember anything except it being hot and me being tired.

7:15, Sc
1:01:01, bf 416

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Saturday I didn't get to run. We went to visit our friends from church who have a newborn baby. They live in our neighborhood. They cooked us dinner, but for the most part we just talked about their baby and our jobs. Gosh I'm such a grown up now. What ever happened to staying up late and playing video games. So not running was actually a good thing because we got to hang out, and it gave my calf some time to rest.

Tonight I set the bar a little too high. Everything went well, but it was too early for a "long" run. The heat was just overwhelming and pretty much I was dying around 4 miles even though I went out pretty slow. Did figure eight loops which was bad as it mean't long slow up hill through the middle section and that wore me out quick. I guess the good thing is the calf isn't hurting anymore, but I think it helped I wore my other pair shoes too.

5:30 sc
49:13, GM 458

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Calf/shin still hurts. Not sure if it's shinsplints or not, but it wasn't as bad as yesterday. Took it easy, but still got the miles in. Stomach hurt at the beginning, but i think I overloaded on water before I left. I knew I would sweat a lot so I figured it would be better to drink a lot. It went away after almost a mile, and thing were back to normal.

7:10, sc
45:37, bf 408

Friday, September 5, 2008


Inside of the left calf (against the bone) was hurting pretty good tonight. But I felt too good not to run. For some reason it was cool, probably a lot to do with that I went later than usual. Normally it's hot and I'm dying, but when it cooled down just a bit I was back in the groove. It's amazing how a "small" thing like heat can affect the body so dramatically. So tonight was my farthest run since my time off- 7 miles.

Now usually my breathing is horrible, I feel like I'm going to die and I'm just trying to finish a run alive without my chest exploding. Tonight was much different where everything was working seemingly effortless for the most part. I don't think I'm in any better shape- I know it was the weather/time, but it gives me hope for a fall 5k or two.

Thu 7:15, sc
1:03:56, bf 402

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yesterday was a day off. My inside left calf was a little sore so I gave it some recovery, plus I'm just getting back so there's no real need to overdo things. Tonight was a pretty good run. One mile jog, then three more picking it up a little, and a cooldown mile. Even these slow paces are difficult though. Breathing isn't as easy as it once was when I was doing 10 milers with no problems. But at least I'm out there. The hip has been feeling fine. I haven't done the pressure test, but it doesn't hurt when I'm running or really any other time so I think I'm in the clear at least for now.

wed 6:45 sc
51:19, bf 394

Monday, September 1, 2008

9.2.08 good, great, grand, wonderful

Sorry about the title. If you want to know about it, just watch the movie Billy Madison and you will understand.

ALL my runs are finally on nikeplus!! yeay. First I couldn't any uploaded, then just one, and after a few more hours of looking through a billion of pages of crap and some good ideas, some more bad ideas...I finally found the solution.

Today was a hot run. Will add more tomorrow. I just want to get it in before it turns to tomorrow. -- Okay well as far as I can remember this run was in the heat of the day at home. Nothing exciting, but it felt good to be done with this one.

Mon 4:00, hm
total time 42:01, bf 388


back on track...... mostly

Ok first I have to backtrack a little. I'm not real sure what I did the past few days. I've been pretty bad about keeping track of it, and days start to mesh together rather quickly when that happens. I'll have to check my ipod for the dates and miles, and there was one day I forgot it. I guess I'll just start with that and kind of fill in.

Sat 7:15, sc
total time 47:30, gf 161

Fri 5:50, hm
total time 37:23, gm 452

Thu 6:23, sc
total time 47:12, gf 155

Wed 6:30, sc
15-20:00, bf 383