Monday, September 29, 2008


I am so tired right now, so sorry if none of this makes any sense.

Long run was moved to today. Went over to the Ball Camp Park as I think that will my venue for long runs pretty much until I find somewhere better. Got there a little late because I had to wait for April to get home since she had my car. So It was a quarter till 6 when I started my run. Man I think I'm too tired to do this tonight. The run really wore me out. I'll update tomorrow.

Ok well this run took place at the park, well at least it started there. Went up Kingston Pike like last week. It was actually a pretty easy run out to walmart. I went farther than last week past the gas station and took a right towards walmart then turned after going through the tunnel that goes under the road. I always like going through that tunnel, it's just different. I thought of what Ryan Hall said too, that everytime he runs through a tunnel he imagined himself going into the stadium at the olympics. What an awesome thought to associate with your average tunnel. I think it kind of shows the mindset you have to have to be great.

So things were going real well. I made it through the intersection two times, made it over the hills, and was now making my way up the incline back toward the park. It was about 1:11 minutes into the run. I still hadn't had any water. The reason for that was the run was much shadier than I had anticipated and so I wasn't sweating as much as I thought I would. So I was cool and using less energy. All the same about that time my mouth was pretty dry and I was looking forward to the getting the next mile and half over so I could get my ice-cold water. So I finally made it and took my water around the soccer fields for a lap on the cracked pavement.

After returning my water bottle I headed out toward the "back" fields, but they were having soccer matches out there too so I just stuck to my normal loop. The normal loop is running around the cracked pavement, then between the tennis courts and baseball diamond, and out towards the other soccer fields, then turning around. I did that for the next 25 minutes. This was no easy task. My forefoot was hurting just from the pounding it had taken and my legs were sore. REALLY sore and tight in the hamstrings. It started tightening on that last incline, but now it was asking for some rest. But I was almost done and I wasn't doing any crazy pace so I knew I would make the whole run, especially after that refreshing water stop. Still it wasn't the easiest of runs. I really regretted that 800 yesterday.

The muscles weren't sore from overuse, but I think it was just muscle tissue that had expanded (i.e. grown) and needed rest. I really wish I could have taken a day off for recovery, but I didn't think I had worked THAT hard. In my mind the long run is more important anyway, and the longer I waited to do it, the worse that would have been in terms of building on my fitness. I really feel if you loose that long run, you lose a large portion of your endurance. When I got back home I went out with April. I really didn't feel like it, but it's just one of things where sometimes your spouse leaves you no choice. So I slept in the car while she went in to walmart.

By the time I got home around 10 at that point, I was purely exhausted and just wanted to pass out anywhere. So I got some gooood sleep last night.

5 pm, Ball Camp Park, 79-76 degrees and a lot of shade.
1:52:52, gf 175

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