Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2 weeks 3 days

Okay I know it's just a tad early but I've been churning it over in my mind for a while. The big question is what pace should I try to go for at the race. Well firstly I plan on being in the front. That right there puts 6:00 first mile into my head just to keep up with those around me and not be trampled. So I think I will already be dead, haha.

My goal is the same as my 5k in November last year, to beat 20 minutes. I really believe I can do that this time around. For one, I'm feeling great and have a lot of energy in the tank on my runs. For two, last year I was really just getting started. Now although this summer was a wash due to injury, I've been able to continue my progress to some extent, and that is a huge improvement in comparison to last year. For third I am feeling really confident in my training and I think I've actually put in a lot more quality days than last year. I really think that's what is going to get me a good time - the quality days twice a week. Heck I could even say I have fourth thing and that's my long run is a ton farther than I ever expected it to be at this point. The 13 was hard, but that was mostly the course, breathing wise I was doing great.

So I'm going to go ahead and say my Gold goal 19:30, Silver 19:59, and Bronze would be beat last year's 20:45. So I really am going to try and hit that Gold time, it's a 6:16 pace. Just for perspective, my half marathon pace was like 6:54 and my last 10k was like 6:25, so this is totally doable in my humble opinion. So I think maybe next week it'll be time to visit the old track on Tuesday for a speed session of maybe 3 mile repeats with short rest at 6:00 pace???? yeah I think so.

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