Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well just 3 and a half weeks away from the 5k. I am totally not prepared for it, and I know I won't be PR'ing or anything, but it will be fun. I remember the course from last year and it's pretty fast considering its downtown. The good part is it starts going the opposite direction from the Covenant Health race, which is totally hilly and just tough.

Last year we got there late, well sort of late. I tried to make my way to the front, but never did and ended up getting a delayed start. It was just for fun so it didn't matter. I didn't even have a timing chip, but it did make my run harder because I was dodging and weaving. This year I'll have to make sure to be toward the front. I have a timing chip so that's good just in case something should happen I'll still have an accurate time.

Today was recovery day. I keep saying my calf is what hurts, but it's not really the calf itself. It's more the shinbone I guess. Pain is such a hard thing to describe, especially when you're trying to just write where it is. I can't just point to it and say, right THERE. So anyway it was doing fine until I did my accelerations at the end. That's when it started it's thing. I put some ice on it tonight, and will keep doing that until it goes away for good. Right now it's off and on. So yeah, recovery run was actually quite fun. I didn't have to work to hard and just sort of jogged along and felt good. It was nice not having to push. It reminded me that sometimes and a lot of times it's okay to slack off and take it easy.

6:42 pm, home, sunny
46:00, bf 455

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