Monday, September 29, 2008

man I must have not woken up

I just checked what I was SUPPOSED to do for my HR test and I did it completely wrong and backwards.

What can I say- it was a long day.

So anyway I was supposed to an 800 first, then 2 minutes rest and a 400 after that.

OH WELL. April said she was going to help me do it one day, and you're supposed to have someone there to time you while you count your pulse for 6 seconds just as you cross the finish line of the last one. So I'll be able to do it right next time.

But that little test might be good to try in a few months, just to see.

alrighty then, I'm out.


Ann said...

sorry to be mia but been house sitting all month so no time to read. I have been walking dogs and that leads to running dogs. forgot the joy of feeling your lugs burn as you eat up pavement. seems like you have been busy. i'll have to catch up so i understand the HR test.

Ron said...

Hey Ann,

been pretty busy, going to see about a job tomorrow. Glad to see you hanging around my crazy blog again. Hope things are going well for you.