Sunday, September 7, 2008


Saturday I didn't get to run. We went to visit our friends from church who have a newborn baby. They live in our neighborhood. They cooked us dinner, but for the most part we just talked about their baby and our jobs. Gosh I'm such a grown up now. What ever happened to staying up late and playing video games. So not running was actually a good thing because we got to hang out, and it gave my calf some time to rest.

Tonight I set the bar a little too high. Everything went well, but it was too early for a "long" run. The heat was just overwhelming and pretty much I was dying around 4 miles even though I went out pretty slow. Did figure eight loops which was bad as it mean't long slow up hill through the middle section and that wore me out quick. I guess the good thing is the calf isn't hurting anymore, but I think it helped I wore my other pair shoes too.

5:30 sc
49:13, GM 458

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