Thursday, April 24, 2008

rough week

This week we ran the special olympics track meet at our school. Tuesday it was all day, and I went in early (skipping my morning run) to help set up. Then spent the rest of the day helping with the meet and making sure our kids were taken care of. After that was track practice which was pretty tough on the kids. I took the night off since my right middle toe was still hurting and the 14 miles didn't necessarily help a great deal although it felt better.

Wednesday was yet another special day at school where we went to the rival school to play their Special Ed. students. We went to an all you can eat pizza place before that though. It was fun and I got plenty of good pizza and the kids really seemed to enjoy it too. The baseball game was even better and all the kids got to bat. It was really fun but very hot and we had to sit in the shade whenever possible. I almost fell asleep on the busride home, and then again when we got back. Running early in the morning didn't help matters.
Then it was on to the track meet and it just went on and on. It didn't even start till 6. I wanted to run, but didn't have time to do it since I had to be there for all the events- this is really the only downside to coaching track for me. I didn't get out of there till 10:30!!! and didn't get to sleep till much later than 11.

Back up again this morning for another early run. Got an extra mile in, but didn't really do a whole lot. The awesome thing about today was that the toe pain is nearly gone and it feels great to run again. Enjoyed running this morning, although it was 56 degrees- for the low. Soon it will be 70 in the mornings and runs will be even harder. Special Olympics was today again but this time for elementary kids. We went down and watched them and it was another rough day. Again I was trying my best not to fall asleep. The heat and sun really take it out of you- plus I've just being going going going it seems without a break.

Filled out my transfer application questionnaires today when the kids were on down time. Then off to the last half of the track meet. i actually got a mile in this time, but it was of little consequence. I basically worked up a sweat. It was definitely hot- 80 degrees. The track meet went pretty good, but I was just wanting to go home. Finally the meet was over and I was sooo ready to get out of there. I am going to Ohio tomorrow morning to visit my family and I wanted to get back home so I could get some sleep and pack and finish my questionnaires. I didn't get any of that done and instead am just now starting to wind things down at quarter till twelve. At least I don't have to leave early tomorrow and will probably be able to get a run in before we leave. I almost don't want to so I can rest, but oh well.

hopefully this weekend is far more relaxing than the madness of this week.
7(8.2)miles @6:59. 56 degrees. GM 399
1(1.45)miles @??. 80 degrees. GM 400

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

still goin

Took a day off yesterday in hopes that it would help my toe recovery. I guess it did, but now I wish I would have at least went for an easy something. Run tonight was all good and well until mile 10 or so. Not real sure, but I started to feel like my sock was tucked in under my big toe- like it was wrinkled where it bends. Unfortunately I started to realize that it was skin moving, and not sock. So yet again with the blisters. At least I have a method for them now and for the most part I don't think it'll slow me down.

Toe pain still there in both sides. The left is definitely the worst, it feels like the toe is out of socket- like a jammed thumb kind of feeling. Went a lot slower tonight, so that helped, but it was still pretty noticeable.

14(15.08)miles @7:16. 73-68 degrees. GM 392

Sunday, April 20, 2008

new run

long-ish run, 13 miles. Not the normal loop today!!!?!!

Visited April's family today and ran there. So nice to have a change of scenery. There is a greenway with mostly paved or cement trails that runs through a woods in the suburbs. Unfortunately it isn't too long so once out of the woods you head towards a walmart. The cool thing about that part is that you go under the roads through tunnels, so that is pretty sweet. I like running through tunnels. From there headed up middlebrook which is quite challenging due to the hills. Ran through a large church's parking lot and that was kind of fun, then started to head back around 6 miles and took the same path back. Ran a little extra before I got back to the house on an out and back road.

Toe pain was minimal, but still there. Not sure what to do other than ice it at this point. I'll keep an eye on it and if it seems to be getting worse I'll take some time off. For now I just think the vessels are bruised/broken and need time to repair.

13(14.2)miles @6:56. 65 degrees. GM 378

women's trials

This was a nice trials. Long story short Magdalena took an early lead and got it up to 1:50 seconds ahead of Denna Kastor- bronze medal winner, and the rest of the pack. She held this lead a long time. Right away I told April that she'd just lost the marathon and that Kastor would negative split and win. I said around 20 Deena should increase pace and eventually will catch her. My thinking being if she slowed Deena would have enough time to counter it, and if she didn't it wouldn't matter anyways.

Around 20 I said Mags only had 3 miles left with the lead. You could tell Mags was hurting because her stride had really shortened and she wasn't turning over as fast as she was- the commentator noticed this a minute after I did. On the opposite side Kastor was chugging and her stride was looking amazing. 3 miles to go she passes. I called a 2:29 and sure enough Kastor comes through in 2:29:34 or so. Not a bad time for that course. I'm not sure what Kastor's times were, but I can almost guarantee she negative split.

I could have just gotten lucky, but I've learned a lot about racing and running over the past year and can read a race well. I know enough to see that conservation of energy and efficiency is king in the marathon. Now I just have to start applying it to myself. Maybe in my next race April can record me. I can analyze pretty well so I think doing this often would be an extra component to add into my training.

Unrelated to the trials I just finished Lydiards book and it is affirming some of the training I've been doing. I also see a lot of gaps that need to be filled in as well. But the good news is my higher mileage goals are right with his teachings- i.e. 100 miles weeks being the goal distance to maintain. He says to do this "as long as possible" or at least 6 months. I plan on being ready to delve into them just after my 10k which is only a month out.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

slowly but surely

No run this morning. It was raining and I had to go to the track meet. Our boys won their heat in the 4x8, but unfortunately we were in the 2nd heat. All the faster teams were in the first. We won by at least 150 meters which sucks. If we would have been in the first heat we would have had more competition and probably had ran a little faster. Our guys were around 2:09-2:10 range when they should have been as close to 2 flat as possible. Oh well.

My run was later in the day. The toe is now swelled up a little on the right foot, but the pain is subsiding. The run today was good. I just went slow and relaxed. I even talked to myself a little. I guess after hundreds of runs you can get lonely out there. It was more of a thing to keep my pace under control. If you can talk, you're not running too fast. So I gave myself some commentary and talked about the passers by and how I was feeling. That didn't last too long though, once the monotony was broken up I was ready to focus on running again.

Toe pain was there, but it is feeling better and easier to run on. Right middle toe is the one i'm worried about because the pain the left foot is hardly there if at all. I think as long as I ice it the recovery will happen soon enough. The problem is icing the top and the bottom, as it hurts around the joint of the toe. Still I am taking it easier on my runs. I had a sharp pain in my heel today and so I stopped. I normally don't, but it was bad enough to make me limp. After I walked around for a minute or two I jogged a little. At first it hurt when I started running again, but I gave it just a few more meters to see what would happen and it went away. I don't think it was anything serious because it didn't bother me in the least the rest of the run, but it's always worth noting. It was just one of those pains that you get for who knows what reason- pinched nerve, stepped wrong, etc.

10(11)miles @7:04. 62 degrees. GM 365

Friday, April 18, 2008

should be okay

6(7.2)miles @6:55. 45 degrees. GM 346

Tonights run was encouraging. Although the right toe now hurts worse than the left (with the focus being on the third toe) it didn't hurt after a mile or so once i got warmed up. This run felt really good since it was later. I took a nap when I got home and then didn't get out till 8. Stride felt great and although this run was slightly slower it was consistent whereas I would have to work harder at the ends of my other runs to maintain a lower pace overall. So that is good. The right toe did hurt a little towards the end of the run, but I didn't ice it as much as the left last night, so tonight it will get plenty.

My stride tonight was effective. Same for this morning. Before with my other shoes there was just no "give". So every time I would push off I'd have to work harder to force the shoe to move forward. I noticed tonight my knees felt higher and I actually could turn my legs over fully whereas I felt like I was fighting before. You dont' really notice until you switch shoes, but it made a huge difference in my running today. I've come to the conclusion that bulky bottomed unflexible shoes- i.e. heavy ones (12.5 ounces) like the ones I have- are just not fit to run in unless you are on trails. Of course this only applies to me and not necessarily every runner. I am glad I tested this out, but unfortunately it results in pain and a possible injury that could prevent me from running. I guess thats the kind of things you have to do, testing to see what works and what doesn't.

9(10.4)miles @7:02. GM 355

Thursday, April 17, 2008

running through the pain

Morning hood run. Nothing special other than it was a little warmer and the foot pain was pretty bad. Still made it through the run. Eventually I hope it goes away- I'm just trying to figure out if my shoe is the problem. I really don't think it is since I was wearing them for weeks with no problems.

6(7.2)miles @6:57. 43 degrees. Zoom 280

Had track practice tonight. Jacobs couldn't be there so it was on me, but I also had to improvise due to a middle school meet we had no idea about. I worked it out and cut some stuff and was done with practice early. I stuck around longer than I should have though to watch some of the meet or I would have had even more time to relax at home. I really am starting to miss a relaxing day at home. Soccer complex was rough tonight. Not only does the left foot have pain, now the right one does-between the second and third toe. Not really sure what happened here either but I can only assume it's from landing on it too hard- could be what the left side is too although because of the location on the top of the foot instead of the bottom I'm not sure. Either way this run was probably the most painful I've ever had. Stuck it out for 7 miles, and felt better by the end. At least good enough to pick up the pace. Iced both feet tonight so hopefully that will help. Still going to keep running, but I'm going to try different shoes tomorrow and see what happens.

7(8.05)miles @7:00. 76 degrees. Zoom 287

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

wed. run

hood loop x2. The spot on top of my left foot still hurts on impact.

am- 6(7.15)miles @6:56. 32 degrees. Zoom 264

Soccer Complex- Forgot my socks, so I couldn't run directly after practice and had to make a pit stop at home. This run started off horribly. Legs felt like they did a few weeks ago just totally shot and sore and dead. But I pushed through. The hills were especially tough, but after 4 miles of slow running I finally was able to find a pace. Coincidentally the sun was setting....which probably accounted for a lot. I think once I got some cool air in the lungs I was good to go. It was about 70 degrees today, with a medium-light wind, and it just takes more effort to run in heat. After I found my stride it was mostly downhill. Did some relaxed, controlled accelerations at the end. These actually felt quite good and I probably could have ran a few more miles, but chose to stop since it was 8 and I needed to get back for some dinner.

notes: hip bursitis is along the side and in the back, kind of a double whammy- doesn't appear to be healing. The foot pain feels like a bruise just behind the joint of my big toe. It hurt for a mile, then was gone, and came back in the last mile. Only hurts on impact and pushoff. Hurts to touch any of the three spots, all being some form of bruising it appears.

pm- 10(11)miles @7:03. 69 degrees. Zoom 274

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

just a morning

Got my run in this morning in the cold. The foot thing hurt again, but as the day went on it seemed to get better and I don't think it hurt as bad as yesterday (i didn't have to stop). I'm pretty sure it's a bruise, either from the cold or from stubbing my toe. It feels a little better though so no worries. Track meet was tonight so obviously no running. The thing went on forever- there were so many delays. I didn't get home and eat till 10 p.m. so unfortunately that leaves only a half hour to blog and settle down to sleep so I can run again in the morning.

6(7.15)miles @6:55. 35 degrees. Zoom 258

Monday, April 14, 2008

cold again

So this morning it was cold outside and I really didn't want to go outside. So I went on to the treadmill. I started out at 7 mph and then increased it to 9 toward the end just to be done. I'm almost ready to start marking those miles as totals instead of adjusting- theres really nothing to adjust since I'm working at least 1.5-2x as hard on the treadmill to maintain an "equal" pace to real running. I hope that doesn't sound like complaining, I just don't like changing things halfway through something when they are for measuring efforts or miles.

6 miles @7:11. treadmill. Zoom 258

Tonight it was hard to get out the door. I guess it wouldn't have been as hard except I was standing in the cold after school for an hour and half and didn't feel like being outside for close to another hour. I bundled up- a little too much- and got outside. By the first mile my arms were sweating and I had to shed my outer jacket. I guess my mind made it seem colder than it really was. The run went great until 4 miles when the top of my left foot started to hurt. The kind of pain you get when you tie your shoes too tight and it bruises. So I had to stop- the pain was just too much. I assessed it and it seemed that April may have been right when she said my foot was probably swollen from the cold. I agreed and was back out the door to finish up so I'd have my six miles for tonight.

6(7)miles @6:56. 43 degrees misting. Zoom 264

Sunday, April 13, 2008

sunburn with chance of snow

Didn't get to run this morning, so I tried a little bit to make up for it later. 10 miles, which is 3 loops plus a short little stretch back down past the house. Run was fine- although I did meet the pugs just after two. I paused for a second, then bolted down their cul de sac. By 100 meters all of us were breathing hard, and although I lost whitey, blacky stayed up with me until I 90 degreed it around a truck that was parked on the street. Fortunately I didn't have to race them again after that. The legs really felt great for a mile, then I started to tire - although the opposite could be said for breathing. I was obviously breathing pretty hard after that- and after my 2nd trip up the hill and back down I was back to normal.

Much colder today so it was hard to get out the door. I just sort of stood there with my stuff on thinking about how cold it was. When the neighbor caught his dog which rambunctiously ran by my front door, I decided it was time to get the show on the road. Supposed to stay cold for a few days- possible snow in the morning. Kind of odd that it compliments my face being sunburned so appealingly. The worst part about the sunburn is that I can't take a warm shower, so painful- even the top of my head is sunburned unfortunately. Well at least it's out of the way- I only burn once a year- then I'm all set for the most part. Part of that probably isn't my body- it's probably that I'm reminded to wear sunblock...

11(12)miles @6:59. 42 degrees chilly/windy. Zoom 252

Saturday, April 12, 2008

80 mile week.

A little later in the morning since it's saturday, so I got some sun. That didn't help because this afternoon I got burned because I was out at the track meet all day. It was windy the whole time, so it was cold because of the wind and hot because of the sun. Kind of a weird day- too bad I forgot sunscreen. Oh well I always get burned at least once a year, then I'm all set. Not much to say about this run. Ran a little farther to make up for last night- which meant 3 huge hills. Actually not too bad though with a pickup at the end. I left this run feeling "refreshed" which is what most running books say you should feel like.

Am- 8(9.21)miles @6:58. 58 degrees. Zoom 230

This run was later in the night- about a half hour before sunset to way into the dark. I haven't done any longer running lately since I've been recovering/tapering and just generally have been running shorter runs. So it felt good to go over 10 miles tonight. There is a line in the pavement at the soccer complex. They must have buried some cable and had to cut out a strip across the pavement to get to it. So now it has a foot wide strip across that strongly resembles a finish line to me. I used it tonight to count laps. I just kept track of how many times I passed it, and somehow I was able to keep track of the miles. That's like the first time ever at that course. Pretty windy with 15mph and got kind of cold after the sun went down. I liked running in the dark- but there are a few places in the course that are uneven- luckily I know it well and it wasn't a problem. First 3 miles I struggled, then the sun went down and once the cool air hit my lungs I was up the hills in no time. Finished strong on this run too- which probably means I'm doing fine mileage/pace wise because I have plenty left at the end of my runs.

note: hit 80 miles this week, highest week ever! And my legs feel great too. hip still bothersome at times.

Pm- 11(12)miles @6:59. 50 degrees 15mph wind. Zoom 241

Thursday, April 10, 2008

standard day, time goals set

Normal run this morning Hood x2. Quads still just a tiny bit sore, will probably be fine by tonight. I haven't stretched at all this week and nothing seems to have changed. I read an article about stretching and apparently there are no significant advantages. I still like stretching though because it just feels right to be able to touch my toes again.

Am- 6(7)miles @6:57. 55 degrees. Zoom 215

Tonight at the soccer complex was tough at first, then got better as I went. Was breathing a little harder than normal by the end, but I attribute most of that to the 74 degree heat out there. I'm not looking forward to the 90 degree runs now, although I won't have to worry about body fat because I'll sweat 10 pounds a day. Legs were a little fatigued tonight on the hills, but they still felt good. The quads are ever so slightly sore, but that's almost worked its way out. Tomorrow is supposed to be thunderstorms. Not looking forward to any treadmill later on, but at least the morning looks to be clear.

sidenotes: closing on 800 miles for this year. Hip bursitis not as bad. Toecaps suddenly work now.
This years time goals: sub 1:30 half, sub 38 minute 10k, sub 18 minute 5k, and sub 5 minute mile.

PM- 7(8.02)miles @6:54. 74 degrees. Zoom 222

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

hood x2

I keep getting up earlier so I can run a little farther everyday. Today I got in 6 miles in the morning with 2 full loops in the hood. I like running in the morning. Unfortunately it is getting darker earlier everyday. I don't like running in the dark, but I'll do what I have to. Really it's not that bad because school will be out in 6 weeks and I won't have to worry about getting up at a certain time- but the earlier the better I suppose.

AM 6(7.03)miles @7:04. 52 degrees. Zoom 202

Quads are sore and calves tired from not skipping the big hill any (and running it 2-4x a day), but everything else feels fine. Run at soccer complex was fine. So much hotter than it has been, but I waited until an hour before sunset so I would get some shade from the trees around the path. That worked out well, once I hit 3 or 4 it was cooler in the shade and the wind was nice. I still sweated a lot, but not as much as I would have on the sweatmill. I swear I almost need an air conditioner right next to that thing.

Quads were sore as I said, but they felt pretty good on this run. Picked it up for the last mile and a half, but still only managed a 7 minute pace. That's fine, I wasn't going for a record, I just like to increase pace and see what the end time will be. For an easy run I see no problem picking it up at the end. The only thing I was worried about was the run in the morning. Been doubling like a fiend, but I feel better than when doing singles. I think my body was built for this kind of work as it seems to be responding well.

PM 7(8.09)miles @7:01. 72 degrees. Zoom 209

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

mornings work

morning run hood and 3/4. Legs were slightly sore today Most likely from not skipping the huge hill at all and the "race" yesterday. Things look okay for this week. I'm about to check the weather on that part. As for the mornings they have worked tremendously. All I have to do is lock the cat up so she doesn't wake me at 4 a.m. and make me completely tired all day/not want to get up an hour later and I'm all set.

5(6)miles @7:05. 50 degrees. Zoom 196

Monday, April 7, 2008

short and sweet

Not much time to blog, I need to sleep and April's been on the computer most of the night.

Morning run at 6:30 before school. Run went fine- started off with too much clothing for the temps and shed as I went. Ran with the track kids tonight! Recovery run for them since there is a meet tomorrow. Didn't stop me from racing a kid at the finish for 100 meters, haha. I won, but it was more of a joke- I'll explain if anyone shows interest in that story.
3 miles tonight at home, legs tired, but I don't think it was from the mileage lately. It was from the sprint and the fact that I needed more energy.

Track meet tomorrow, probably get a run in in the morning because later I will be too busy. Like the consistency on pacing here on separate runs.

4(5.29)miles @7:06. 53 degrees. Zoom 184
4(5.27)miles @7:09. 75 degrees. Zoom 188
3(3.58)miles @7:09. 72 degrees. Zoom 191

Sunday, April 6, 2008

back to work

I've been anxious the past few days, just dying for a good run. Today seems to be the start of something substantial again with 5 miles around the hood. Not sure what I would call the loop. It starts off with a slight incline, then turns around into the Huge Hill. After that its out to the main road then out into the other section of the neighborhood and back to start it all over again. Hood loop or normal loop seems to be fitting.

AM- 5(6)miles @6:52. 55 degrees. Zoom 172

Soccer complex tonight. Plenty of hills, but maintained an even pace throughout. This run felt good other than a few aches in the toe towards the end. Also my messed up right toe is blistered below the callus again, so it is a little stingy. Pretty much the entire front part of the toe is one huge dead skin callus right now, I guess it'll have to get a little bigger. Other than that the right hip is still bruised or something. I jokingly call it my hip bursitis, but I'm not sure what it is- it hasn't went away after over two weeks.

PM- 8(9)miles @7:00. 68 degrees. Zoom 180

Saturday, April 5, 2008


warmed up at the convention center early in the morning
coming up on mile 13
a strong finish
reflecting on the race
I would have opted for the cup of water

back to normal

Took about a week, but things are getting back to normal again. Tonight was a typical run through the neighborhood. My normal 2 loops with trips up the HH. I've decided not to skip it anymore, as sometimes I will skip it on my easier runs. I sort of put things off like that, but I don't think it helps in the end. I think thats the reason why I haven't done as much core work as I have wanted. I will wait to do them later, or wait till a "good day". But of course that usually doesn't happen. So I've gone to plan B which is to overdo it when in doubt, hehe.

Started raining a few miles in, but it was nice and never really got too bad. Calves were a little tight, but I wore my zooms, so there is some extra weight there. I think I will keep wearing them for a while, just because they are heavier. I have even thought of devising a way to wear weights or carry something to build extra muscle/slow me down a little as I tend to go faster than needed.

6(7)miles @6:45. 56 degrees light rain. Zoom 167

Friday, April 4, 2008

couple zeros

Yesterday ate dinner then passed out. Today was a track meet in the rain. I just now am getting home and having something to eat, other than the snack food they had at the meet, so no running today. Legs should be good to go for this weekend, which looks to be awesome once all the rain clears out tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

yup, still sore

3 miles at the soccer complex. Quads are still tender and sore, calves are tight.

3(4)miles @7:25. 60 degrees. Zoom 161

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

still feeling it

Still sore today. Probably another day until legs have worked it all out. Went out to eat with April for dinner after an exhausting day at work and running track practice alone. Coach J had to attend to some business, so I took over. Practice went fine, but I was just tired. Ended up running later on the tread because of the late dinner. At least it was cool this time as we bought a FAN! whoohooo. Still sweated a lot though, haha.

3(3.5) miles @8:00. treadmill. Zoom 158