Friday, April 18, 2008

should be okay

6(7.2)miles @6:55. 45 degrees. GM 346

Tonights run was encouraging. Although the right toe now hurts worse than the left (with the focus being on the third toe) it didn't hurt after a mile or so once i got warmed up. This run felt really good since it was later. I took a nap when I got home and then didn't get out till 8. Stride felt great and although this run was slightly slower it was consistent whereas I would have to work harder at the ends of my other runs to maintain a lower pace overall. So that is good. The right toe did hurt a little towards the end of the run, but I didn't ice it as much as the left last night, so tonight it will get plenty.

My stride tonight was effective. Same for this morning. Before with my other shoes there was just no "give". So every time I would push off I'd have to work harder to force the shoe to move forward. I noticed tonight my knees felt higher and I actually could turn my legs over fully whereas I felt like I was fighting before. You dont' really notice until you switch shoes, but it made a huge difference in my running today. I've come to the conclusion that bulky bottomed unflexible shoes- i.e. heavy ones (12.5 ounces) like the ones I have- are just not fit to run in unless you are on trails. Of course this only applies to me and not necessarily every runner. I am glad I tested this out, but unfortunately it results in pain and a possible injury that could prevent me from running. I guess thats the kind of things you have to do, testing to see what works and what doesn't.

9(10.4)miles @7:02. GM 355

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