Thursday, April 17, 2008

running through the pain

Morning hood run. Nothing special other than it was a little warmer and the foot pain was pretty bad. Still made it through the run. Eventually I hope it goes away- I'm just trying to figure out if my shoe is the problem. I really don't think it is since I was wearing them for weeks with no problems.

6(7.2)miles @6:57. 43 degrees. Zoom 280

Had track practice tonight. Jacobs couldn't be there so it was on me, but I also had to improvise due to a middle school meet we had no idea about. I worked it out and cut some stuff and was done with practice early. I stuck around longer than I should have though to watch some of the meet or I would have had even more time to relax at home. I really am starting to miss a relaxing day at home. Soccer complex was rough tonight. Not only does the left foot have pain, now the right one does-between the second and third toe. Not really sure what happened here either but I can only assume it's from landing on it too hard- could be what the left side is too although because of the location on the top of the foot instead of the bottom I'm not sure. Either way this run was probably the most painful I've ever had. Stuck it out for 7 miles, and felt better by the end. At least good enough to pick up the pace. Iced both feet tonight so hopefully that will help. Still going to keep running, but I'm going to try different shoes tomorrow and see what happens.

7(8.05)miles @7:00. 76 degrees. Zoom 287


Pace Runner said...

Hey Ron,

Quickly, I just wanted to respond in regards to your pain in the toes, you want to make sure you don't aggravate it or run through pain that is severe, could make it worse. Only thing I can say is that, hopefully it is not a stress fx. Your high mileage soon after doing a half could be the issue, I would keep an eye on it and just be careful...

Ron said...

thanks. The pain is there, but I still think it is because of the shoes. I switched this morning and it was a 360 degree difference. I will leave that for my next post though.

thanks for your concern and advice :)