Saturday, April 5, 2008

back to normal

Took about a week, but things are getting back to normal again. Tonight was a typical run through the neighborhood. My normal 2 loops with trips up the HH. I've decided not to skip it anymore, as sometimes I will skip it on my easier runs. I sort of put things off like that, but I don't think it helps in the end. I think thats the reason why I haven't done as much core work as I have wanted. I will wait to do them later, or wait till a "good day". But of course that usually doesn't happen. So I've gone to plan B which is to overdo it when in doubt, hehe.

Started raining a few miles in, but it was nice and never really got too bad. Calves were a little tight, but I wore my zooms, so there is some extra weight there. I think I will keep wearing them for a while, just because they are heavier. I have even thought of devising a way to wear weights or carry something to build extra muscle/slow me down a little as I tend to go faster than needed.

6(7)miles @6:45. 56 degrees light rain. Zoom 167

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