Sunday, April 20, 2008

new run

long-ish run, 13 miles. Not the normal loop today!!!?!!

Visited April's family today and ran there. So nice to have a change of scenery. There is a greenway with mostly paved or cement trails that runs through a woods in the suburbs. Unfortunately it isn't too long so once out of the woods you head towards a walmart. The cool thing about that part is that you go under the roads through tunnels, so that is pretty sweet. I like running through tunnels. From there headed up middlebrook which is quite challenging due to the hills. Ran through a large church's parking lot and that was kind of fun, then started to head back around 6 miles and took the same path back. Ran a little extra before I got back to the house on an out and back road.

Toe pain was minimal, but still there. Not sure what to do other than ice it at this point. I'll keep an eye on it and if it seems to be getting worse I'll take some time off. For now I just think the vessels are bruised/broken and need time to repair.

13(14.2)miles @6:56. 65 degrees. GM 378

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