Thursday, April 10, 2008

standard day, time goals set

Normal run this morning Hood x2. Quads still just a tiny bit sore, will probably be fine by tonight. I haven't stretched at all this week and nothing seems to have changed. I read an article about stretching and apparently there are no significant advantages. I still like stretching though because it just feels right to be able to touch my toes again.

Am- 6(7)miles @6:57. 55 degrees. Zoom 215

Tonight at the soccer complex was tough at first, then got better as I went. Was breathing a little harder than normal by the end, but I attribute most of that to the 74 degree heat out there. I'm not looking forward to the 90 degree runs now, although I won't have to worry about body fat because I'll sweat 10 pounds a day. Legs were a little fatigued tonight on the hills, but they still felt good. The quads are ever so slightly sore, but that's almost worked its way out. Tomorrow is supposed to be thunderstorms. Not looking forward to any treadmill later on, but at least the morning looks to be clear.

sidenotes: closing on 800 miles for this year. Hip bursitis not as bad. Toecaps suddenly work now.
This years time goals: sub 1:30 half, sub 38 minute 10k, sub 18 minute 5k, and sub 5 minute mile.

PM- 7(8.02)miles @6:54. 74 degrees. Zoom 222


Ann said...

Got up early to go cheer for a friend doing a 5K. His first race. I showed him your blog and he was impressed and said he enjoyed it. Anyways it made me think of you and i remembered why you are the distance guy and I was a sprinter. :)

Ron said...

Thats great Ann, how did he do?

yeah I guess I've always been more of the distance guy- at least until the last lap.