Sunday, April 13, 2008

sunburn with chance of snow

Didn't get to run this morning, so I tried a little bit to make up for it later. 10 miles, which is 3 loops plus a short little stretch back down past the house. Run was fine- although I did meet the pugs just after two. I paused for a second, then bolted down their cul de sac. By 100 meters all of us were breathing hard, and although I lost whitey, blacky stayed up with me until I 90 degreed it around a truck that was parked on the street. Fortunately I didn't have to race them again after that. The legs really felt great for a mile, then I started to tire - although the opposite could be said for breathing. I was obviously breathing pretty hard after that- and after my 2nd trip up the hill and back down I was back to normal.

Much colder today so it was hard to get out the door. I just sort of stood there with my stuff on thinking about how cold it was. When the neighbor caught his dog which rambunctiously ran by my front door, I decided it was time to get the show on the road. Supposed to stay cold for a few days- possible snow in the morning. Kind of odd that it compliments my face being sunburned so appealingly. The worst part about the sunburn is that I can't take a warm shower, so painful- even the top of my head is sunburned unfortunately. Well at least it's out of the way- I only burn once a year- then I'm all set for the most part. Part of that probably isn't my body- it's probably that I'm reminded to wear sunblock...

11(12)miles @6:59. 42 degrees chilly/windy. Zoom 252

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