Tuesday, April 22, 2008

still goin

Took a day off yesterday in hopes that it would help my toe recovery. I guess it did, but now I wish I would have at least went for an easy something. Run tonight was all good and well until mile 10 or so. Not real sure, but I started to feel like my sock was tucked in under my big toe- like it was wrinkled where it bends. Unfortunately I started to realize that it was skin moving, and not sock. So yet again with the blisters. At least I have a method for them now and for the most part I don't think it'll slow me down.

Toe pain still there in both sides. The left is definitely the worst, it feels like the toe is out of socket- like a jammed thumb kind of feeling. Went a lot slower tonight, so that helped, but it was still pretty noticeable.

14(15.08)miles @7:16. 73-68 degrees. GM 392

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