Monday, April 7, 2008

short and sweet

Not much time to blog, I need to sleep and April's been on the computer most of the night.

Morning run at 6:30 before school. Run went fine- started off with too much clothing for the temps and shed as I went. Ran with the track kids tonight! Recovery run for them since there is a meet tomorrow. Didn't stop me from racing a kid at the finish for 100 meters, haha. I won, but it was more of a joke- I'll explain if anyone shows interest in that story.
3 miles tonight at home, legs tired, but I don't think it was from the mileage lately. It was from the sprint and the fact that I needed more energy.

Track meet tomorrow, probably get a run in in the morning because later I will be too busy. Like the consistency on pacing here on separate runs.

4(5.29)miles @7:06. 53 degrees. Zoom 184
4(5.27)miles @7:09. 75 degrees. Zoom 188
3(3.58)miles @7:09. 72 degrees. Zoom 191


Ann said...

OKay you can not just leave a teaser like that. Why are you racing kids?

Ron said...

woops sorry forgot to post that for you. WEll...there is a kid on our team who always comes back from the runs first- First one to the gate. I heard the kids talking about this during our run and just laughed because it means nothing. So when we get back he is going to the fence and we've got a good 100 meters to get there. The guys encouraged me to just blow by him unknowingly. I am always up for having fun, so I took off, sprinting fairly fast, then when I got in front of him about 50 meters to the gate I put my arms up in the air and yelled "I'm the winner!".

He took this as a challenge and sprinted past me since there was still a short distance to go, and next thing you know I'm running a race with my track kid. I ended up outkicking him at the end, where he was searching for air, and I jogged around like nothing happened with a big smile on my face.

I obviously am the coach, but I'm also competitive as he**. It was just for fun (and a completely arbitrary thing to "win") but afterward he told me I cheated. I guess I got a head start, haha. I of course saw the flaw in all of this racing for nothing and admitted that I had cheated ;)