Monday, July 27, 2009


6 miles

bf 1525

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


much cooler after sunset, ran later on after dinner. Hard to go fast with a full stomach. Had to take it really easy at first, but very slowly was able to increase speed the end was able to sprint. Lungs were clear and perfect, no heavy breathing at all, would have went longer if it weren't for the right foot. Legs were sore today, mostly quads.

2loops w/HH+1loop
home. 1:15:07 10.72m bf 1519
78º calm (cool)
note: top of arch on right foot still hurt when running, not when walking


home 6 miles - tough

jumped rope about 5 minutes will record more accurate data from now on.

note: top of arch on right foot hurt toward end.

bf 1509

Monday, July 6, 2009


I kind of thought I made a good move going out to run when I did, because it was pretty cloudy and blocking a lot of the sun. We had storms yesterday and they were on their way out. But about as soon as I started running everything cleared out pretty quick and I was left to run with the bare sun shining down on me. It made for a pretty hot time, but at least it was windy in one direction and that kept my eyes just dry enough not to get a ton of sweat in them. Either way I held on as long as I could and actually felt pretty good for the most part. We went to a networking meeting tonight, so ending a few minutes short wasn't a bad thing because it gave me some more time to get ready.

It's supposed to be in the 90's over the next week, so I'm really going to try to run in the morning and at night. Hopefully I'll miss the hottest hours of the day that way and possibly be able to get more miles in than I normally would. We'll see what happens.

4pm. home. 85º 58%H From NNE 6 mph
54:02(7.92) bf 1503

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Happy Fourth. Spent yesterday with the family and didn't run. So much for the streak. It's okay though, i'm making up for it with a double later in the week :)

Easy run today and did it later on. Much better to run when the sun is almost set, could have went a lot longer.

7:30pm. home. 81º 49%H calm
45:06(6.60) bf 1495

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Two days down. Run was progressively difficult. I didn't think I was gonna make it toward the end and bout did myself in with a final sprint. Another day in the books though.

4:30pm. 83º W 9mph
46:16(6.88) bf 1489

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I had an interview for a cross country position this morning. It went really well up until the point where recruiting was considered. I mean the guy really liked me and said I would be a great asset to any program, but that he wanted someone in the school. I respect that, and believe me I wish they'd give the art position there as well, just show me where to sign. You see our county is cutting positions, especially in art and music, and basically all the teachers who have been working 30+ years aren't planning on retiring any time soon. It's a waiting game for teachers like me, and I ain't getting any younger. Doubly bad it's now seemingly keeping me from this coaching position, which I would LOVE to get.

But things aren't hopeless, there is a chance I can still get the job. I live really close to the school, and honestly if they really need recruiting I could run around the school all day long for a week just to see how many kids I could get to join to the team. The main reason they need kids is because a new school is nearby, so they lost a large portion of their students, about 700 of them. So I'm praying and hoping that it works out.

In running news I've had a nice long break. I seem to be ready for training again, which is the good news. Today is the first of the month, and I think that got me back into gear. I've decided to set a goal to run everyday this month. Just get back to basics, doesn't matter how far or long or when, just get out there and run sometime every single day for this entire month.

Today was actually pretty nice, with the temps in the lower 80's and dropping, with a little shade from the trees made a pretty good run. I didn't go quite as far as I wanted to because I had a stitch in my lung and behind my left knee was kind of tight - which is normal after a few days off. So as I said my goal for this month is to simply run everyday. i think it'll get me back on track.

Also thanks for the comments, I appreciate them probably more than you know!

6:00pm. home. 83° 41% From WNW 9 mph
54:40(8.01) bf 1483