Saturday, July 4, 2009


Happy Fourth. Spent yesterday with the family and didn't run. So much for the streak. It's okay though, i'm making up for it with a double later in the week :)

Easy run today and did it later on. Much better to run when the sun is almost set, could have went a lot longer.

7:30pm. home. 81º 49%H calm
45:06(6.60) bf 1495


Gina Harris said...

Nice run! You don't have to run every day, you know!

Ron said...

haha, yeah I think it was a little shortsighted especially with my family coming in. Family always wins over running for me :)

janelle. I live said...

It's good that you took some time off...although I feel awful when I don't run...weird, isn't it? lol

Ron said...

yes it is weird to feel guilty for something that isn't required of you. But yet it's still there. You are so right janelle, it's weird :D