Monday, July 6, 2009


I kind of thought I made a good move going out to run when I did, because it was pretty cloudy and blocking a lot of the sun. We had storms yesterday and they were on their way out. But about as soon as I started running everything cleared out pretty quick and I was left to run with the bare sun shining down on me. It made for a pretty hot time, but at least it was windy in one direction and that kept my eyes just dry enough not to get a ton of sweat in them. Either way I held on as long as I could and actually felt pretty good for the most part. We went to a networking meeting tonight, so ending a few minutes short wasn't a bad thing because it gave me some more time to get ready.

It's supposed to be in the 90's over the next week, so I'm really going to try to run in the morning and at night. Hopefully I'll miss the hottest hours of the day that way and possibly be able to get more miles in than I normally would. We'll see what happens.

4pm. home. 85º 58%H From NNE 6 mph
54:02(7.92) bf 1503

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