Wednesday, September 19, 2007

woo! I actually posted in the right day. haha. Today was a good day. Not too productive artwise, other than getting a new forum signature nice and rendered. I was pretty wiped out for some reason today, I think I didn't sleep very good last night. Tommorow I'll work on the mural. I'm trying to get in finished by october, so I need to get crackin.

A nice run tonight with April. She is getting better and only walked a tiny stretch. I didn't stay with her long as we always start out together. We headed straight for the giant hill and I pretty much took off from there. A little warmer today, the sun wasn't quite down yet. That was due to us not eating dinner then waiting to run. So we got out a little earlier on an emptying stomach which was a little different, but seemed to work fine. I went kind of fast today, but the knee wasn't hurting and I felt inclined to push myself. Looking at the weather reports it's always more humid in the mornings. I'm glad I don't get up early to run, 96% humidity at 7am compared to 39% at 6pm, huge difference.

On a side note I just watched the Animatrix. I had seen it before, and knew it was good, but I forgot just how good. The stories are so good, you forget that it's all animated. I think the matrix is awesome because it makes you question your reality. Are you really here, and if you are what things are you really capable of. For all we know we are in the matrix right now. To quote Neo..... "whoa."

Wednesday 6pm, 78 degrees, 4.22 miles

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thursday got out again for a slow jog/walk of 2 miles. My knee was still feeling funny and didn't want to push it. It worked, the knee was fine and felt great the next day, but it was rainy some this week.

Yesterday managed to smoke 3.5 miles. It is really cooling down. It smells like fall and reminds me of running through the woods during cross country season. Leaves and wind and brisk air in your lungs. So yeah because of the weather it's easy to go farther, the heat is pretty much gone. I think it was maybe 65 or cooler yesterday, so it is an awesome time to be running.

Mural is coming along, finally getting things blocked in, starting details next. I could finish it in about two weeks if I keep working like I have been, maybe sooner If I push it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rainy today, but I thought I'd post a video I saw online. Enjoy.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Just a quick update. Rain moved in again. It's actually not that bad because my knee has been sore. The last time I ran I felt a twinge in it. Now if I press my right knee on the inside left it feels bruised and sore. When I walk I can feel it. I don't know if I have started off too fast again, but it really is annoying not to have your body work like you want it to.

Other than that nothing new to report. Working on a logo, waiting for enlarged pics for the mural.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tonight got to run again. We had to drop off something to the homeowners asc. so we started of walking the first half mile or so. Then we jogged a little way. When we got to the hill I went ahead and ran some extra miles. I ended up with 3 miles. Not too hard, but with the hill it gets the heart rate up so I was reaching for breaths by the end.

The mural is taking off. I pretty much wasted the 5 hours I've spent on it. I got the wall paint I had been wanting and have already blocked in 1/3 in about an hour. That's good though, I'm learning as I go. Now I can block in the rest, then draw overtop and start adding actual details.

Saturday 7:15, sunny 80 degrees, 3 miles

Friday, September 7, 2007

Wow, this has been one long week. April's grandma Peggy has been sick, and she passed away after a long fight with cancer. This week has been full of loss, but also of friendship and the family coming together. The past three days we've pretty much lived at april's grandpa's house. I am sorry that she passed away, but it really has been a time of celebration as well because she really did have a good life and was loved by many people. At the funeral I was one of the grandchildren, and we shook hands and talked with people for over an hour at the showing. She really was loved. I was happy to feel like a part of their of their family and be there with them through it all.

So that has been my week. That and painting. I finally got to go out tonight and get some better paint. The kind I was using just wasn't putting a dent into the work, so I just got some regular wall paint. Things will speed up now.

As for running, obviously this was pretty much a week off. Tomorrow I should be able to get back out. Looking forward to it.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ah. It feels so great to be running again. I was just thinking how life can "interrupt" running. But really it's not that way at all. Once running becomes a part of your life you dedicate yourself to being a runner. That doesn't mean you have to be a professional, but but you have a desire to do it and get better. I guess I'm trying to say that because it's a part of your life, not running is denying living to you're potential. Heh, maybe a little too deep. I'm just happy I'm getting back into it.

Tonight was the best night. Not very humid, and relatively cool compared to what it has been. I kept a nice stride the whole time and didn't struggle at all this time around. That's when it's fun to run. When you are feeling good and not overworking yourself to complete exhaustion. Well i got to make this short, so we can visit april's grandma.

Sunday, partial clouds 7pm, 83 degrees. 3.5 miles

Lol, I'm always a day behind. I'll have to work on that. Anyway Friday we went to visit April's grandma. She is very sick, and just had brain surgery last week. I am glad we went. I certainly didn't even think about running or anything like that. Her grandma is still pretty funny though, she was cracking jokes with the nurses and us.

I did get to run today though. It was a pretty good run. I am by no means in shape. I am positive it will be at least a month before starting to time them. It was humid tonight, and windy. Clouds were moving in and I was just hoping it wouldn't rain. It turned out to be a good run. Just before 2 miles I was breathing hard, uphill and into the wind. That was kind of tough. So I slowed my pace, recovered, and was able to finish the run on a good note.

Friday 7:15 pm, cloudy 75-85 degrees, 2.7 miles