Monday, May 28, 2007

day off Today.

We went to Aprils parents for dinner and I slept most of the day away. I have a nice blister on my second toe that hurts bad, so I didn't feel like even running a short distance. I think it will be gone by tommorow, and if it isn't I'll just put some padding around it. Dinner was fun. Aprils dad is the bomb at grilling and the burger was great. We watched freedom writers, another good movie, and then got back home.

We finally have things in order, and now that we borrowed a ladder from dad, we found our attic has plenty of space to store all the stuff we can't fit in our small house. So unpacking will be over, school is out Tuesday, and then I can focus on getting a running schedule together.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


8am 72 degrees, grey shoes

This week went on forever. Last week of school, trying to get papers turned in. Going around to get signatures for the check off list, getting grades done, cleaning out the art room, field days, awards, etc. Then go home everynight and organize more stuff, and do future growth plans, fill out questionaires for transfer applications, and do everything else. Tried to pick up my packet at the runners market store last night, it closes at 7. I didn't realize they stop handing out packets at 6. We went out to dinner and then raced over (there are two stores, the one I live a mile from just happens to not hand out packets, only take applications....) so we are racing to get there only to be an hour late thinking we could pick it up at 7.

that sucked. then the xbox 360 quit working. that sucked. went out and bought a dvd player, watched apocalypto-now one of my favorites- and then got everything ready for the morning.

It was a nice morning. Warm and sunny. I got up on time, arrived in time to pick up my packet. Unfortunately no t-shirts left, even though i paid for one. hopefully they will send one. I don't know. Walked around downtown knoxville and took in some air with april. then started warming up about 15 minutes before start with some slow jogging and walking. The start of the race took a while, but soon after the anthem the guy finally fired the gun.

I started toward the front, but far enough back out of the way of the elite guys not to get ran over. I wanted to go slow, but everyone's adrenaline is going and you just have to stride it out and keep a fast pace. a 6:30 first mile felt kinda fast. I knew i wouldn't break 40 at that point. 2 miles I was with a yellow shirt guy who said "doing good", and i said "yep 1/3 of the way there". He went past me, then I passed him. At 4 we met up again, and I stayed in step with him for about a half-mile and he took the lead again. There were rolling hills and I was catching a lot of people on them, including the yellow guy. Still my legs were tired and my breathing eratic. I tried breathing deep. Never did really find a good stride the whole race. I finally passed a lady who I had in my sights since a few miles back, and then a few more people. less than a mile now and the legs are burning, but my breathing calming down.

Running across a bridge, passing cars with rap music blasting out, and chasing cars who were waiting in the traffic. I could see a downhill, and then a turn before the final turn. I picked it up a little. Turned the corner, another slight incline to the final turn. Trucked past a pony-tail guy. then once i hit that final turn I kicked it into gear and sprinted to the finish. I couldn't see the time. 42 something april said. I was winded and a few people had to tear my name off the bib so they could track my time i guess (no timing chip).

Then i slipped up and after walking a minute or two found a rock to sit on. My calves tightened up like crazy and i could hardly walk. They are okay now, but I think they were just overworked. I had been meaning to work that into my routine, but never did. I could feel it, they felt like rocks, which isn't a great feeling, but it doesn't really hurt either. I suppose you could compare it to a charlie horse. The best part of the day was downing my smoothie king smoothie. and then aprils.

good day, and a decent run. Carter mill 7 miler coming up should be great, and I'll actually have time to run and do speedwork since school is out!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

9pm 78 degrees, light grey

Today was a short run. I am too busy with everything. Trying to move, get the end of the year crap done at school (field day today took all day), and fill out transfer form questionaires so I can get a new job. The questions are hard, and it's what the interview is based on. I only have one, so it my only hope of a job right now, and I want to do good on it. The problem is I forgot my laptop one day, didnt get to look at this weekend, and now I have only tonight to get it done. There are like 15, and they are questions like "what is the biggest issue young people deal with today". Not exactly yes or no answers.

So that is over my head. I still have classes to plan for, somehow I still had to teach AFTER field day was over for the last period. Things are just getting out of hand it seems like. I fell asleep on the couch tonight since I was exhausted from field day 7:30-3:15 with only a lunch break. And therefore got nothing done again.

So a good 2 mile run today, and yesterday tried out a new track a few miles away. I have to drive there which completely sucks, but it is a one mile course paved with a few rolling hills, and other people are there, so it's not boring.

ok more later. One more day of training, then a day of rest for the race.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

catching up

Wednesday-5.2, grey
Saturday-65, silver

Wow, this week has been pretty eventful with moving out of our apartment and getting all the stuff out of there and over here and finishing up at school. Running pretty much wasn't an option, which sucks due to the race coming up in a week. Tuesday was a staff meeting and spring concert, so no running there. Thursday and Friday we moved stuff, and I've been sick this week with a runny nose and sore back which is cleared up now.

The house is great, but there are no sidewalks to run on in our subdivision. Also we live in a cul-de-sacked area, and everywhere to run is a dead end. That sucks. We live on a windy busy road too, so that isn't too safe at all. There is a nice park down the road, but it's a shame to drive when you could run- and gas kicked my butt this week. I couldn't even fill my car the whole way. All the same running around is okay, it just gets really boring when you've seen the same dude riding his bike, or cooking, or sitting on the front porch five times. I do like the giant hill though, check it out...

A good run tonight, venus was out and right beside the moon. I remember thinking what star is that, and then of course forgot about it until it was on the news. One week till my race. I got my forms in and have to pick up my packet next friday. I'm really looking forward to it (and school will be over)

Monday, May 14, 2007

happy mother's day!

70, grey shoes- monday
74, silver shoes- sunday
Today was a good run. Pretty close to my fastest 5k during my training. I actually ran the fastest one a long time ago, but I was testing the sensor then, so it really doesn't count to me. Yesterday was an experience though. I ran my longest run yet, and the heat got to me. I was running at a good pace to start, but by halfway through dehydration had taken it's toll. I forgot that when you are running over 12 miles you really need to water up the day before. This and the fact that I never stopped for a water break like normal, wasn't smart. When I finally ended the run I walked a mile to cooldown, and was thirsty the whole time.

When I got home I drank some water, then a gatorade, and had three small strawberries. I took a cold shower and started to get changed to go to visit april's grandma at the hospital for mother's day. I was feeling pretty normal at this point- just generally exhausted. We got to her parents and I was feeling the same. But when we got to the hospital I stepped out of the car and didn't feel good. I was short of breath and had to stop about 50 feet from the car. The heat was bearing down on me and I felt like I was suffocating. I kept on walking, feeling light-headed and just wanted to sit. When we got in I staggered to a water fountain. I guess everyone thought I would be fine and kept on going, but I was searching for anywhere to sit and rest.

I did and after a couple minutes got back the strength to walk again. April was giving me a hard time, and nobody seemed to understand how bad I felt and thought I was being silly I guess. We rode the elevator up and I leaned against the wall. The first thing I saw off the elevator was a chair, which I immediately sat in, then noticed a bathroom and decided that would be the best place. My stomach didn't feel good and needless to say soon I was on my knees at the sink, and thereafter some excruciating pain, scraping out strawberries from the drain.

I felt a little better after that, and went on to her grandmas room. Everyone started eating and were like, c'mon eat, and this stuff is soo good (pork and beans and greasy stuff). That just made it worse, a feeling similar to after my first half-marathon. At that point I just tried to make myself feel better, but it never worked. I sat there with my head between my legs drank water and just thought, what the heck. I felt bad for taking the glory from her sick grandma in the bed for my stupid running. finally april's mom offered me a ride home and I took it. After a four hour nap and some food I felt great again.

So that was sunday. I totally crashed mother's day, vomited for the first time in a long while, and looked like a dork in front of april's family. Awesome. At least I learned my lesson about hydration and heat. To think just a few weeks ago I layed down 14 and didn't flinch. Just proves how much I don't know.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Treadmill- silver shoes

yeap, back to the good old tread. Thunderstorms moved in and I saw some lighting strikes outside, not too fun. Friday's are always good, but this Friday is great, because it means 2 weeks until school is out. I can't wait for it to get here. I will have a new house which is nice, but will also be an adventure because I'll have to adjust to everything and get used to running there. The neighborhood doesn't have a fitness center nearby, so no more treadmill after this month is over. I guess I'll be running in the rain or taking days off. The run went okay tonight. When I wear my nike free's, I always run faster, probably due to the wieght and small heel. The zooms may just feel like I'm trudging along due to the extra cushion- but it's
necessary for my hillwork.

Tommorow morning there are supposed to be some light rain showers. I think I'll go out then and get in a few miles, then go out later if the thunderstorms clear out from the afternoon. Sunday I'm planning a long run, I'm going for 15, but I'll see how I feel once I get there since it will be back to 80 degrees again. My chart says 16, but we'll see.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

bad nap

8:30, 75 degrees, light grey

Fell asleep on the couch again tonight. I need to stay away from that thing after school. We went to the nearby track to practice with the relay team. They did okay, but with only one practice, there wasn't a whole lot of progress to be made. I guess it doesn't matter, but I just want them to do good. It was hot out, and I had on pants, so it was even hotter. After the relay team was done, I took a few of the long jumpers for oh, 5 minutes and worked with them. I am the only one at the school who knows how to do it probably, so like last year it was up to me last to teach them the day of the meet. Needless to say not much progress was made on that. I felt bad due to the fact they had to leave at 4, and I'm sitting there trying to show them how to jump while their parents are saying it's time to go. Oh well.

Tonight was more of a zombie run due to just waking up and heading out the door. I just put one foot in front of the other and tried to go at a steady pace. It was hotter than normal tonight which made it seem slow. The bad part is it's only going to get hotter. I can't wait till school is over so I can run in the mornings.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

zoom zoom

70-62 degrees, silver shoes

Yeserday was a day off due to the fact I bought a house. Finally, after many days of waiting and being let down, we finally closed. That took a while, and by the time we ate and got home I was tired and didn't need to run. I don't feel bad about it, but it still makes me wish i could have gotten in a few easy miles to keep the blood flowing.

Tonight started off rough. Well lets rewind first. Today at school was pretty okay, but I got suckered into going to the art museum after school. That wasn't the bad part, the bad part was walking around the museum and not being able to sit. My legs were shot from standing all day and all the stairs, but I didn't realize it until I went for my run tonight. I had that same feeling as sunday, just no gusto in the calves and a general tired feeling around the ankles. Every step was a struggle to get a good push off. I got the first 3 miles under my belt, and then decided to take the first hill. I am strength training, so hills are integral and I wanted to take it pretty fast. I made it up the giant hill slowing near the top, and zoomed down the other side. I think that got me into the mode and I started to feel good after that.

Another large hill a mile later, and then on my way back to the giant hill again. This time I could feel the push off and it was sweet. I also noticed the air cooled a lot, about 8 degrees from the weather report, and that made it feel even faster. I trucked it up the giant the hill at around 7 miles, and you can barely tell there was a hill there from the graph. Flying down the other side felt great, I was jumping and touching the leaves as I ran by the trees. That helped psychologically to take my mind off the run and towards having fun and being laid back. It worked.

Back to the large hill, zip, wasn't even a challenge, about 85 percent top speed. Then I still felt good, so I ran another mile just for kicks. I didn't want to stop even after that, but it was already closing on 10pm, and I have to sleep by 11.

So a great run, a great night and I'm excited. Thursday is the school's track meet. I want to run a mile and have them time me for fun. I ran one day last year for track practice and that was fun. It's nice being something other than Mr. Art teacher.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

a short long run

72 degrees, silver shoes

Since this week is strength training I am supposed to take it easy on the long run and cut the miles. So I did, and I'm sort of glad. Tonight's run wasn't all that much fun. Mostly struggling to find my rhythm and pace. It just seemed like I never got to the pace I normally feel best at and my legs were tired. There were a few medium hills I ran up, but my guess it has mostly to do with yesterdays run being too fast. I'll make sure this week to have easy days be slower, which at this point is around 7:55.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

cinco de mayo

treadmill, light grey

Not much to say today, just a standard treadmill run at a pretty good pace. I am really tired of the
treadmill. All of the body heat just rises up and makes for a sweaty experience. I like feeling the wind. Today was rainy again, but April is really really happy. I got her not one, but two kittens for her birthday. Actually we picked them out together, but I told her that is what she could have. We were going to get one, but they were brother and sister. I liked the whitish grey, april like the striped one, in the end we thought it would be nice for them to have a playmate. I named them Sampson and Delilah, but that may change. Sampson is a rascal, and delilah is clumbsy. They are cute.

don't forget the run

Friday, May 4, 2007

long week

night run, treadmill, grey shoes

Man this week was packed full of stuff. Wednesday was April's birthday. I watched "smokin' aces" then we went to her parents house to have a birthday dinner. Her dad made smoked pork on the grill, that is what she wanted for her b-day. I think I'll take her out this weekend, tommorow! Gosh it came fast. Yesterday was pass out on the couch day, I woke up late and missed the office, oh well, I can probably find it online. No running occured yesterday, I didn't feel like going for a late run, and it has been thunderstorming since wednesday.

tonight we were supposed to close on our house. It didn't happen, again. Maybe next tuesday now. So we went to Petros to eat a retro-petro to celebrate the worlds fair anniversary. We go home and I spent a few hours vegging out on the computer playing a game during the thunderstorm. Then I got my will back and went to the fitness center. Last time they changed the code, this time they changed the locks! I know a secret way in though luckily, and was still able to get my run in. For some reason my ipod decided to log a 1 mile run when i paused to go the bathroom. Oh well, it was a good warmup and the real running came after that anyway. I was in "the zone" and worked hard tonight, but it felt effortless at the same time. I hate the treadmill. I sweat like a madman on that thing. My shorts were soaked, and I was using my cut-0ff t-shirt to sop up everything off my face and chest.
fun work tonight, hope it doesn't hurt tommorow. 1 mile warmup, 8 miles fast paced.
here are my nike "personal bests" they probably aren't all that acurate, but the mile and 10k were both from tonight. Before my run they were 6:09, and 46: something.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


9:00pm 70 degrees, silver shoes

How many days in a row can I fall asleep on the couch after school, I think I'm setting a record. Anyway tonight was a lot of fun. I finally started my strength training. This is much more my cup of tea. I like the hills, they are challenging and really make you work during the run. Tonight comprised of three parts, medium hills, large hills, and giant hills, as
well as just flat out running. Pretty much the run was like this, medium hill-giant hill, 2miles, medium/large hill, 2 miles, medium/large hill 2miles, then medium-giant hill to finish. By giant hill I mean this thing is a monster, I'll have to take a pic or two to show the daunting incline.

pretty fast tonight considering my first hill training session. I definitely feel stronger than I did just a month ago, when the longest run was 8 miles, now it's practically easy to run 8, even with hills. I like this graph, it shows my sprint at the end.