Saturday, April 19, 2008

slowly but surely

No run this morning. It was raining and I had to go to the track meet. Our boys won their heat in the 4x8, but unfortunately we were in the 2nd heat. All the faster teams were in the first. We won by at least 150 meters which sucks. If we would have been in the first heat we would have had more competition and probably had ran a little faster. Our guys were around 2:09-2:10 range when they should have been as close to 2 flat as possible. Oh well.

My run was later in the day. The toe is now swelled up a little on the right foot, but the pain is subsiding. The run today was good. I just went slow and relaxed. I even talked to myself a little. I guess after hundreds of runs you can get lonely out there. It was more of a thing to keep my pace under control. If you can talk, you're not running too fast. So I gave myself some commentary and talked about the passers by and how I was feeling. That didn't last too long though, once the monotony was broken up I was ready to focus on running again.

Toe pain was there, but it is feeling better and easier to run on. Right middle toe is the one i'm worried about because the pain the left foot is hardly there if at all. I think as long as I ice it the recovery will happen soon enough. The problem is icing the top and the bottom, as it hurts around the joint of the toe. Still I am taking it easier on my runs. I had a sharp pain in my heel today and so I stopped. I normally don't, but it was bad enough to make me limp. After I walked around for a minute or two I jogged a little. At first it hurt when I started running again, but I gave it just a few more meters to see what would happen and it went away. I don't think it was anything serious because it didn't bother me in the least the rest of the run, but it's always worth noting. It was just one of those pains that you get for who knows what reason- pinched nerve, stepped wrong, etc.

10(11)miles @7:04. 62 degrees. GM 365

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