Thursday, April 24, 2008

rough week

This week we ran the special olympics track meet at our school. Tuesday it was all day, and I went in early (skipping my morning run) to help set up. Then spent the rest of the day helping with the meet and making sure our kids were taken care of. After that was track practice which was pretty tough on the kids. I took the night off since my right middle toe was still hurting and the 14 miles didn't necessarily help a great deal although it felt better.

Wednesday was yet another special day at school where we went to the rival school to play their Special Ed. students. We went to an all you can eat pizza place before that though. It was fun and I got plenty of good pizza and the kids really seemed to enjoy it too. The baseball game was even better and all the kids got to bat. It was really fun but very hot and we had to sit in the shade whenever possible. I almost fell asleep on the busride home, and then again when we got back. Running early in the morning didn't help matters.
Then it was on to the track meet and it just went on and on. It didn't even start till 6. I wanted to run, but didn't have time to do it since I had to be there for all the events- this is really the only downside to coaching track for me. I didn't get out of there till 10:30!!! and didn't get to sleep till much later than 11.

Back up again this morning for another early run. Got an extra mile in, but didn't really do a whole lot. The awesome thing about today was that the toe pain is nearly gone and it feels great to run again. Enjoyed running this morning, although it was 56 degrees- for the low. Soon it will be 70 in the mornings and runs will be even harder. Special Olympics was today again but this time for elementary kids. We went down and watched them and it was another rough day. Again I was trying my best not to fall asleep. The heat and sun really take it out of you- plus I've just being going going going it seems without a break.

Filled out my transfer application questionnaires today when the kids were on down time. Then off to the last half of the track meet. i actually got a mile in this time, but it was of little consequence. I basically worked up a sweat. It was definitely hot- 80 degrees. The track meet went pretty good, but I was just wanting to go home. Finally the meet was over and I was sooo ready to get out of there. I am going to Ohio tomorrow morning to visit my family and I wanted to get back home so I could get some sleep and pack and finish my questionnaires. I didn't get any of that done and instead am just now starting to wind things down at quarter till twelve. At least I don't have to leave early tomorrow and will probably be able to get a run in before we leave. I almost don't want to so I can rest, but oh well.

hopefully this weekend is far more relaxing than the madness of this week.
7(8.2)miles @6:59. 56 degrees. GM 399
1(1.45)miles @??. 80 degrees. GM 400

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