Wednesday, April 16, 2008

wed. run

hood loop x2. The spot on top of my left foot still hurts on impact.

am- 6(7.15)miles @6:56. 32 degrees. Zoom 264

Soccer Complex- Forgot my socks, so I couldn't run directly after practice and had to make a pit stop at home. This run started off horribly. Legs felt like they did a few weeks ago just totally shot and sore and dead. But I pushed through. The hills were especially tough, but after 4 miles of slow running I finally was able to find a pace. Coincidentally the sun was setting....which probably accounted for a lot. I think once I got some cool air in the lungs I was good to go. It was about 70 degrees today, with a medium-light wind, and it just takes more effort to run in heat. After I found my stride it was mostly downhill. Did some relaxed, controlled accelerations at the end. These actually felt quite good and I probably could have ran a few more miles, but chose to stop since it was 8 and I needed to get back for some dinner.

notes: hip bursitis is along the side and in the back, kind of a double whammy- doesn't appear to be healing. The foot pain feels like a bruise just behind the joint of my big toe. It hurt for a mile, then was gone, and came back in the last mile. Only hurts on impact and pushoff. Hurts to touch any of the three spots, all being some form of bruising it appears.

pm- 10(11)miles @7:03. 69 degrees. Zoom 274

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