Sunday, April 6, 2008

back to work

I've been anxious the past few days, just dying for a good run. Today seems to be the start of something substantial again with 5 miles around the hood. Not sure what I would call the loop. It starts off with a slight incline, then turns around into the Huge Hill. After that its out to the main road then out into the other section of the neighborhood and back to start it all over again. Hood loop or normal loop seems to be fitting.

AM- 5(6)miles @6:52. 55 degrees. Zoom 172

Soccer complex tonight. Plenty of hills, but maintained an even pace throughout. This run felt good other than a few aches in the toe towards the end. Also my messed up right toe is blistered below the callus again, so it is a little stingy. Pretty much the entire front part of the toe is one huge dead skin callus right now, I guess it'll have to get a little bigger. Other than that the right hip is still bruised or something. I jokingly call it my hip bursitis, but I'm not sure what it is- it hasn't went away after over two weeks.

PM- 8(9)miles @7:00. 68 degrees. Zoom 180

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