Saturday, April 12, 2008

80 mile week.

A little later in the morning since it's saturday, so I got some sun. That didn't help because this afternoon I got burned because I was out at the track meet all day. It was windy the whole time, so it was cold because of the wind and hot because of the sun. Kind of a weird day- too bad I forgot sunscreen. Oh well I always get burned at least once a year, then I'm all set. Not much to say about this run. Ran a little farther to make up for last night- which meant 3 huge hills. Actually not too bad though with a pickup at the end. I left this run feeling "refreshed" which is what most running books say you should feel like.

Am- 8(9.21)miles @6:58. 58 degrees. Zoom 230

This run was later in the night- about a half hour before sunset to way into the dark. I haven't done any longer running lately since I've been recovering/tapering and just generally have been running shorter runs. So it felt good to go over 10 miles tonight. There is a line in the pavement at the soccer complex. They must have buried some cable and had to cut out a strip across the pavement to get to it. So now it has a foot wide strip across that strongly resembles a finish line to me. I used it tonight to count laps. I just kept track of how many times I passed it, and somehow I was able to keep track of the miles. That's like the first time ever at that course. Pretty windy with 15mph and got kind of cold after the sun went down. I liked running in the dark- but there are a few places in the course that are uneven- luckily I know it well and it wasn't a problem. First 3 miles I struggled, then the sun went down and once the cool air hit my lungs I was up the hills in no time. Finished strong on this run too- which probably means I'm doing fine mileage/pace wise because I have plenty left at the end of my runs.

note: hit 80 miles this week, highest week ever! And my legs feel great too. hip still bothersome at times.

Pm- 11(12)miles @6:59. 50 degrees 15mph wind. Zoom 241

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