Sunday, May 4, 2008


Since my trip to Ohio things have just went crazy. Lets start from the beginning.

Friday- got in an early run before heading off to Ohio, this was good otherwise my streak would have been even longer. We went out to eat Friday night and thus no run. Note to self: when meal times are not in your control just prepare to run whenever possible instead of waiting for usual times.

Saturday- Part of the reason for going to Ohio was to have my dad check out my car. It turns out the axle was messed up and he wanted to replace the whole thing- which we found out Friday night. So Saturday was spent driving around finding parts and fixing the car. Then we fixed my great aunts tractor which involved changing the oil, then the blades on the mower attached. The blades are about 2 feet long and attached with a huge bolt that took about 15-20 minutes to loosen off (with me and my dad both taking turns ratcheting). So after that we were going to fill my uncle's tires up on his lawnmower. Normally you have to put the clutch in to shift. Apparently his doesn't need to do that and so the belt came loose. So yet another job for us to do. This was the worst one because of the crappy design of the 1911 lawnmower. Another 30 minutes of ratcheting later and we finally got the belt back on. So literally all I did Saturday was work. Well when we finally got done April wanted to go ballroom dancing. Apparently Britney found out about this place by their church and so we all decided to get dressed up and go- hence another day of not running. But it was fun and I'm glad we did it.

Sunday was spent driving. The weekend caught up with me and the rest of the night was spent napping and guess what- filling out transfer questionnaires. This took 3.5 hours since there were 14 questions and I wanted to make sure I had the answers right, then I had to format them correctly so they would print. That involved converting the files to pdf's and then flash driving them to my other computer with the printer.

Monday was just another day of madness- although I can't recall what happened exactly

Tuesday- Bearden meet. I was in charge of this one down to the entries for the meet. This was good, but Coach J was a little upset for multiple reasons and thus it was kind of a brush off on me. Got out as soon as possible and ran when I got home.

Wed/Thurs- Got runs in these two days, although mornings have went down the drain.

Friday- another track meet that lasted till 9 and Aprils Birthday. No morning run- just been to tired to get up.

Saturday- April's birthday. It was rainy in the morning and I just slept in
. Had a nice breakfast at Ihop, came home and took a nap till we had to go out to eat. We went to Olive Garden with April's family, it was delicious. Got home and was too full to run.

Today seems to be a better day. Slept in again, but got out to the soccer complex for a 7 miler. Feeling much better today and things seem to be getting back in order (house cleaned, papers turned in, etc.). I hope to get another run in tonight and should be able to. I'm not excited about the past week, but it has given time for things to heal and get replenished. The right toe is ever so slightly painful, and I've got some kind of inner bruise on my right rib. The hip stuff only hurts when I sneeze, lol, and isn't really a factor otherwise. So I'm sort of holding off on hill climbing until the toe is 100%. I really don't want it getting worse again.

So much for my hope of a relaxing weekend and following week huh.

Friday - GF 89
Tuesday - GF 95
Wednesday - GF 101
Thursday - GF 113

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