Monday, May 12, 2008


Best run in a while. Did a mile at the track while the kids going to state did their workouts. The track really made my calves and everything feel it- even after just a mile. I will have to start doing more work there.

The other 9 miles was at home- started off backwards so I would only have to do the hill twice. This worked quite well as I had a few miles before tackling it. This run felt very relaxed and smooth, but at the same time relatively fast. It probably felt that way because of the first two things. Either way it was nice and I haven't had a run where I felt good the whole way in a while.

10(11)miles @7:07.67 degrees 40% humidity NW9mph. GM 417


Ann said...

Is it really time for state already. Way to go coach. Kids running at state.

Ron said...

yeap, leaving next wednesday. I pray that I'll be able to get some running in since it's right before my race.