Monday, May 5, 2008

the track slows you down?

Two miles at the track. These were just kind of filler miles and didn't feel very nice at all. The track seems to just suck the step out me. I guess it's because it's made out of fibers the foot sinks in. There's just no bounce. I ran in lane 7, then just went to the outside of the track where there was pavement. That felt a lot better. I'm sure the track is good for fast times, but I'm not so sure the one we have would be good for longer races. I'll have to test this out more, but the only way to really compare is to measure out something on the pavement then run the same distance on the track. I'm sure there would be a great difference in feel and time- but which one would win in both I can't predict. Thinking back I have heard my kids say "this track feels harder than ours". I didn't give it any credit before, but I guess I should rethink it now.

Got home and went with April to the soccer complex. She and her mom have been running a lot lately. I guess I inspired them to get in shape. I am glad they are working on it. This run was nice, but I thought I clicked my ipod and I apparently didn't, so the first mile wasn't counted towards that hence no change needed below. The run felt nice other than the same old wooden toe feeling. Got a little harder towards the end, but it was hotter than when I usually run.

2(2)miles @7:16. 74 degrees. GM 402

9(9)miles @7:09. 74 degrees. GM 411

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