Saturday, May 10, 2008

all i can do

No runs the past two days- Friday was the track meet all day long and Thursday it rained and I didn't want to run on the treadmill because our house was 100 degrees. That's a lame excuse, but all the same rest is good sometimes too. I've been getting plenty lately.

Nice morning, but didn't get to run in it. Yesterday's all day meet took a lot more than I thought out of me, plus I got to sleep late. So I got up and just didn't have much energy to run, went back to sleep after reading for a little bit.

This afternoon I got a run in at the soccer complex. Things didn't exactly go as planned, partially to the heat and the other part to bad pacing. I started off to what seemed slow, but it was faster than I needed to be- I had planned on warming up for a few miles then running a tempo. The warm up mile turned out to be a tempo itself as I had not run for a few days and just felt too good to go slow. So I just turned the first part into a tempo. This was a hard 3.5 and I was half dead after that little bit. Legs and lungs were hurting already. I figured I could go farther but it just wasn't worth it. I took some water- which I brought along with ice luckily and then got back into my cooldown miles. These were just as hard as the tempo and I had to take another water stop halfway through before finishing up with a little acceleration.

This one was definitely up there on the toughness scale, but I attribute it to the afternoon heat with low humidity. It was just stifling compared to my normal. I guess it's good though and I'll start getting used to it the more I get out in the heat of the day.

Afterwards I helped April move half our front yard to the back yard. It took just about all I had just to stand up and my breathing was heavy whenever I had to shovel even a small amount. I felt sort of light headed too and it wasn't till after dinner a few hours later that I started feeling normal again. I suppose that means I put in good effort, but it made me feel weak and I'm not too excited about that feeling.

3.5(4)miles @6:30. 77 degrees 40% humidity. BF 210
4.5(5)miles @7:19


Ann said...

You moved your yard? I think it is okay to feel tired when moving earth, a job which is generally left for machines. :)

Ron said...

haha, I didn't realize how funny that was till you mentioned it. Yeah, she is planting flowers in the front, so we extended and area out into the front yard. We replaced it with topsoil and moved all the old dirt to the back corner and along the sides of the house. The back corner is uneven and allows the water to run back toward the house instead of away from it. So by putting it back there there will be better drainage and hopefully keep our foundation from falling apart :)