Sunday, May 18, 2008

5 miles on the treadmill at the gym. YES THE GYM!!!

we are officially members now. I'm excited though- this summer I can actually reclaim a tenth of the muscle I used to own. Wanted to run more today, didn't happen. Nearly bought a new computer- they messed up my order so I just cancelled the whole deal. Planning to build my own now. Shouldn't be too hard- I have a good book to guide me through it. It'll be a nice project this summer inbetween runs.

GM 422


Ann said...

OKay building your own computer is crazy my friend. My summer projects are usually work on a scrap book or learn something new. NOT build a whole computer. CRAZY

Ron said...

:) I suppose. My parents computer stopped working this winter. I successfully took the hard drive out and transplanted it into a new one. Since then I've been itching to tinker. Now with some basic knowledge of what the heck is going in there, I shouldn't have any problems.

I also have a mural to finish....