Tuesday, May 6, 2008

hydrate, hydrate again, and hydrate some more

A nice run tonight. I finally felt good enough to work in some hill running! I was worried about the toe, but after a test run at about 60% effort the toe didn't hurt at all. I ran a few more miles and then did an 85% effort and followed it with close to a mile break then a 90% effort. After another three miles I was starting to feel tired and figured I had put in enough work.

The story of the day was thirst. I have drank more liquids in the past few days than I have in my whole life. And the worst part is I'm still thristy. Even now after 40 oz. of and water and fresh strawberries my mouth is begging for a drink. So I guess it's the heat and I'll have to be careful not to slow down on the intake. It was 80 degrees today, and I know from last year that's about what it is in the mornings during the summer. So I've been slowly getting out into the sun more to run and by the time it really gets hot I should be pretty well acclimated.

10(11.2)miles @6:58. 75 degrees. GF 142

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