Sunday, May 11, 2008

lacking something

I'm not really sure what the deal is lately. I just seem not to be running as smoothly or something. My left ham is sore today- notably from the tempo miles yesterday - I had felt my left foot just not landing right. It seemed to be smashing into the ground instead of smoothly hitting and rolling. Today's run was actually quite hard for an easy run. I guess going up the HH and the strong wind really slowed me down. I didn't want to run the HH, but I also didnt' want to cut off that nearly half a mile it adds to my loop.

The other issue is that of the long run. My heart rate (breathing) seemed to just not be there either. I think this is from a lack of a nice long run in a while. So I may do something next week to the tune of - long run/hills/tempo with rest inbetween instead of trying to get the long runs in on the weekend. It gets dark later now and I think I can at least get 2 hours in maybe 2.5 which is plenty far enough for 10k.

looks to be windy again tomorrow though- 22mph may have to put off the long run as that will certainly add up.

7(8)miles @7:07. 62 degrees 12 mph wind 70% humidity. GM 407

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