Thursday, September 18, 2008


Getting fit. Being in shape is a good thing. My runs are already getting easier and the miles and minutes are adding up pretty easily. My only concern is injuries. I don't see how professional athletes deal with it. I mean you get hurt and bam you're set back for months. So I'm trying my best to push myself, but not too far. It's a thin line.

Tonight was great. Started off real slow and then picked it up as the run went along. I've been pretty good about taking it easy the first mile or two and letting my muscles get warm before going a little faster. I was at the soccer complex tonight. It was good because there are games going on there all the time. I like having other people there, just any movement breaks the monotony. I know that won't last much longer. Once November and December roll around there will be no one in sight.

Really got going there towards the end. My breathing is good, but not great yet. I still have plenty of aerobic training to do. It's getting easier to run, but at the same time it's a bad thing. It's bad because it means running further on my middle/long distance runs, and that puts more pressure on my legs. I know I could do other things that have the benefit, but running miles just seems like the best way to get results. I guess I can always take it slow and add a few extra miles, but again that line draws near when you do stuff like that. All the same I had 75 minutes for tonight, but ended up with 80. I sort of recalculated my average pace and I think it's closer to 8, so I think running an extra few minutes should just about negate that.

Legs felt kind of tired actually tonight, at least for the first two or three miles. I didn't really have any pain other under my right big toe. It was more of a nagging than a pain, but I guess i should note that in case it gets worse.

6:30, soccer complex, 78 degrees.
1:21:01, bf 463

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