Friday, September 19, 2008


A nice recovery run tonight. Went ahead and added an extra mile or so, since the pace was a bit slower. Legs were pretty beat up from the run yesterday, but mostly just my left shin. Definitely need to put some ice on that.

Run went fine other than the little aches, wasn't much aerobically, but of course it's better than nothing. Another poodle chased me, of course dragging it's leash behind it. I love just jogging and them not being able to catch me. The pugs that live in that area are more determined and faster too, haha.

These runs haven't been difficult at all, but I'm going to keep grinding them out just the same. I need a huge base going, and injury free when I start doing my harder workouts. That's really the only thing keep coming back to is keeping my legs fresh. I didn't do any accelerations tonight, I didn't want to flare up the shin any more than it is.

Almost had a mural job, but it turned out that the person didn't want to pay my minimum. I guess they had a "friend' that was going to do it for about half the price. It sucks to turn down money, but it's my job and I can't work for free. Maybe if I knew them or something I'd cut them a deal, but it just wasn't worth my time. There will be more jobs soon enough. My mural is almost done! I have maybe one more day just to add some details and refine, but to the average person they would think it's finished.

guess that's all.

6:39pm, home,
57:36, bf 470

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