Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Creaky. I'm not sure if thats a correct adjective, but I really felt that way on the run tonight. Things were just sore in weird places and I never really felt smooth. Maybe it was a change in shoes. I think it may have also been from the harder run yesterday (knew I should have slowed) and the accelerations.

But all the same I felt fast. A good 9 miles I would say, maybe a little less. I want to get a garmin for christmas. I might even get the new one, it looks the least dorky and may have a better receiver for the gps signal. It looks like a watch in comparison to the model I was thinking about getting.



Haha, I guess thats just one more techno thing to add to the running gear. It'll be nice to know what the real miles I'm running are though. I will admit running for time has been easier. I tend to slow down when I feel "it" just enough to get my reserves back, then I can get back on pace. Running for time also seems easier somehow. I guess it's that you have the goal set, and you know you can push just that little bit extra to get there. Today I set it for 75 minutes, which was a little longer than my daily run usually is. For a while I was like, okay I'll just run 65 minutes, or 70, then be done because that's enough. But there is this little voice inside that says "why not just go all the way" and once you hear it, just about any time would be possible.

ah i just passed my old nike sensor that had to be replaced.

new sensor

5:53 pm SC, party cloudy 75 degrees.
1:15:45, gm 468

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