Thursday, September 11, 2008


A good run tonight. We went out to eat at a mexican restaurant tonight when April got home. So I didn't really overeat, but when you have to run in a matter of hours, eating anything isn't so good. April loves eating early, obviously I don't. It makes the first 15 minutes of my run pretty uncomfortable. I might just start having to eat separate or something, because she doesn't like eating late. She eats lunch at like 11:30 in the morning anyway so it makes it even worse. I don't know why she does that though as she can take her lunch anytime during the day. But whatever I'm not that controlling.

So the run started off pretty miserable with sloshing and just feeling like I was going to puke. I was going to jog a mile, but because I was in distress I was already jogging just trying to keep my legs moving. So by about three or four the stomach had settled just a little and things started to get moving. Halfway through the run I could see storm clouds moving in. They eventually did and I was expected, even hoping for, a complete downfall. I was so sweaty and hot it would have been nice, but only a few short-lived sprinkles fell. It got dark and the soccer games that were going on ended, so I was running by a lot of cars. It was good though, pace was not too fast. Definitely had that "refreshing" feeling while running, getting a nice easy knee lift.

The calf felt really good today. I iced it last night, so I think that helped a whole lot. It was just a little tingly here and there, but feels much better than it did. Looks like I'll be doing that from now. It also helped I got some wrap, so I don't have to sit and hold the ice down like I have in the past.

78 degrees, 66% humid
7:35, Sc
1:01:01, bf 438

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