Friday, September 5, 2008


Inside of the left calf (against the bone) was hurting pretty good tonight. But I felt too good not to run. For some reason it was cool, probably a lot to do with that I went later than usual. Normally it's hot and I'm dying, but when it cooled down just a bit I was back in the groove. It's amazing how a "small" thing like heat can affect the body so dramatically. So tonight was my farthest run since my time off- 7 miles.

Now usually my breathing is horrible, I feel like I'm going to die and I'm just trying to finish a run alive without my chest exploding. Tonight was much different where everything was working seemingly effortless for the most part. I don't think I'm in any better shape- I know it was the weather/time, but it gives me hope for a fall 5k or two.

Thu 7:15, sc
1:03:56, bf 402

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