Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Just a run around the neighborhood tonight. I worked on my schedule today. Things are looking okay, but i wish I had about an extra week or two. I might have to cut a few things out of the plan I'm wanting to use. But for the most part everything lines up pretty well. I might just end up cutting some of my base off- just a week or two, which could actually be made up for with long runs. I still have some tweaking to do, but the basics are there.

Tonight's run was good. Calf was still a little bothersome, but only now and then. Felt really good on this run, legs felt real fresh and responsive. I had forgotten what that was like when I was running those 70 mile weeks. So I took it easy tonight. Actually I'll be taking a lot more easy days - which in turn should lead to recovery and a lot more hard days too. Kind of cool how that works. So just 45 minutes tonight, which was an even two loops without the huge hill. Breathing was real good, but it was later so there was no real heat.

I had to cut down my dinner as we didn't eat till 6:30. I just had a real small portion of everything so it would at least be somewhat digested before my run. I didn't have any stomach pains or anything like that so I guess it worked.

Okay going to work on my schedule some more. Then I have to get to sleep, I'm trying to get a big chunk of the mural done, and it's coming along real nice. Maybe by this weekend I'll have everything covered and can put some details in and finally be done!

7:45pm, home
46:33, bf 430

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