Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Rainy day today. I think it's from all the hurricanes. I wasn't sure about the run today. I cooked dinner for April, and she ended up having to stay a little later at work. So we didn't eat till 6 instead of 5:30. Not a big difference, unless you want to run before it's dark, of course. So my stomach didn't feel good at 7:30 at all. The first few miles was no picnic.

But like usual it wore off after a while. This run was great for 2 reasons, and bad for 1. The first was that the sun was already setting, and it was cloudy anyway so it was cool. The second was that it had rained all day so it was even cooler and the humidity made it easy on the lungs. The bad part was my left calf thing still hurt, so I couldn't run as far as I wanted to. It comes and goes it seems. I'm thinking that on Friday/Saturday I'll take it really, really, really easy running and then it should be good for Sunday. But that is just hope.

So tonights run was good. At a half hour I was like okay, I can make it another mile. Then I got there, said the same thing, and did that a few more times and finished at just over an hour. That is great! The more hours I get in the better. It was a pretty nonchalant run. I spent most of it thinking about my goals for my big race, and the rest of it just enjoying running through the cool mist.

7:30, Sc
1:01:56, bf 424

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