Monday, September 22, 2008


I was really surprised today. My legs weren't sore at all. The shin didn't hurt at all today except at 15 minutes it had a little shooting pain, but that was it. I took it nice and easy today and really made sure not to push. It felt like a brisk jog. It was a little sunny out and warm, but since it was getting dark there was plenty of shade about half the time so it seemed a lot cooler.

I really was surprised. My legs felt so heavy and tight and tired and overworked yesterday that I thought for sure they would be sore. Maybe I'm getting better at cooling down? I was also thinking maybe it's that I've been taking it easier on my recovery runs. I really think that's helped. Instead of pounding after pounding, my legs are getting rest inbetween and don't break down as easily. I know this is common sense, but it's hard to apply it when you're out there trying to get better.

I went all out tonight since the legs felt so good, and no shin stuff. Three accelerations of a good 100 yards right after my run. I kind of used that as my cool down with jogging/walking inbetween. Then I did calf raises, sittups, nearly all my dynamic core strength drills, and some crunches and leglifts too! So yeah it was a good day for doing all the "little" things. I really think it's going to help me stay healthy and run strong.

I think I was more motivated to do those things tonight because I was reading about foot and shin pain and how to prevent it. It turns out a lot of the things I did in high school helped prevent injuries (and I didn't even know it). Things like calf raises- supposedly that helps build muscles that prevent shinsplints. I used to do them religiously every day. So tonight was an attempt to go back to just doing things I "feel" like doing, because in all honesty the only reason I don't do things is because I think it will take away from my running. Like for instance I might overwork my calves or something. It's easy to sit and read this and say Oh that's ridiculous, but I really do think that way a lot. So anyway thats going to change from now on.

6:21 pm. home, mostly shady 78 degrees
48:30, bf 495

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