Monday, September 15, 2008


I was surprised as I wasn't sore from my long run. Of course the calf had it's normal thing going on, no need repeating myself there; it's just a lingering twinge now. I felt really good running. Nice turnover and breathing wasn't too hard even though I was probably going a little faster than I should have. This run felt like it was over before it started. It's amazing how those long runs have such quick and direct results! I'm just amazed by the difference. Of course I have also been running consistently so that has it's part too.

I did two accelerations after my run, maybe 50 yards long. There is a nice little straightaway beside my house, so it's a great spot for doing this kind of thing. I'm feeling really confident right now about my goal time. I feel like I'm in really good shape already, so as long as I can keep it going I know there are huge improvements on the horizon.

5:47pm, home, 72 degrees
43:08, bf 449

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