Friday, September 12, 2008


Things are really going well. I might even have a mural job soon. April saw it and contacted them, so I dunno, something might happen, seemed like a small job but I'll take it.

Running went well today. I am really trying to follow Galloway's advice and take easier days, so today was only about 40 minutes I think. I just took it real easy. The calf thing is still there kinda, so it makes sense to run a little easier. Tomorrow is another easy day too. Then I have a long run. I'm going for an hour and half, at least that's my goal. It will be super slow I'm guessing, but that is fine. In my plan I want to build to 2 hours and hold that for my long run until my hill phase. Once I reach that, the long run will keep increasing until I reach around 5 hours, which if everything works the way I plan, will be three weeks before my marathon. It will be tight. I know 7 months sounds like a long time, but it's really not for a full training pyramid.

6:15pm, home
35:19, bf 443

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