Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yay, long run day.

Church was pretty good this morning. We go to a group that actually meets before church and it's sort of like a bible study/marriage builder type of deal. It's actually supposed to be the marriage thing, but it ends up being more like a bible study to me. Anywho things are changing up due to the leadership wanting it to be more focused on the whole marriage thing. It's kind of funny because no one really wants that. So our group might get split up, but for the next four weeks every group is doing the same thing - which is study the series our pastor is teaching. It's a good idea, but our group was actually just starting to click.

So that was good, the bad part was being starved through that, and then through church. Mercedes has this thing where likes to meow at random times during the night. It's not just a meow though, it's like a mrrrrrrAAAAAAAWWW!, over and over. So I had to get up and "lock" her in the laundry room. Now this doesn't sound bad, but you have to understand I'm a light sleeper. It takes me an hour EVERY night to go to sleep. So once I got up my metabolism started and I was hungry. I had already went to sleep late because I watched SNL, so I'd only slept maybe 3 or 4 hours, another thing that kills me. So i grabbed a plum and drank some water. Then I went back to sleep or tried to for a half hour. By the time I was back to sleep it was time to get up for church. So I didn't have any time to eat a real breakfast and was starved.

Long story, but at least the day turned around at church. We went out to eat, which is custom now on Sunday not because it's a nice thing to do, but because it saves on gas having to go out some other time. Me not having a job has really, really put a pinch on our spending. It's not like teachers get paid much anyway, but now that's not even happening so it's basically like being poor.

So we had a good lunch and I loaded up on my carbs. I had a nap, then it was time to get ready for the one and half hours of running. I was kind of worried because storm clouds were hovering, and it had been super windy all day. I was more worried about the wind. The run started off normal enough. I went super slow, as advised, and before I knew it I had my half hour in, a third of the way done. I was sweating good, despite no sun and the wind whipping me here and there. About halfway through, some dude just blows by me. I was going to chase him, but he turned off the track and went down the road to who knows where. If this guy was on his long run, then props to him for keeping that pace. I wasn't really that far back, but he put a pretty good distance on me. Even if he would have kept running on the track I wouldn't have caught him. Of course he might have just only run a mile or two, where I was already there almost an hour.

Anyway that got my blood pumping, and feeling pretty good I picked up the pace. With 20 minutes left I started to get a side stitch or something, maybe it was lungs hurting or my heart, not real sure but it was in that general area. I also had the famous shoulder pain. It's a funny pain that has nothing to do with your shoulder muscles, but it feels like someone is digging their finger into a pressure point there. I guess it has something to do with the nervous system trying to get you to stop your foolish running. But I stuck it through, and surprisingly I put in a half hour more than I've run since starting back. It also helped that it started sprinkling randomly. That cooled me down a little and kept my motivation up.

So that was a definite positive. The other good thing was the day off helped my calf and it didn't hurt at all today.
Whew, that was a huge entry, but I think you're almost all caught up :-)

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