Monday, August 10, 2009


I would like to call today an easy run, but just making one loop around the hood was enough to call it a day. My legs were just really tired from yesterday's run. Middlebrook isn't exactly the easiest course to run, lots of rolling and moderate hills but it is the longest stretch around here and that's why I run it. In a few weeks I should have some of my conditioning back, and if I start running at the right times in the morning and afternoon that will help as well. I got out at 9 this morning, but it really didn't matter. Once the sun is up you might as well just consider the run a jog.

So I ended the run early and only got about three miles, a good recovery run after yesterday. Then I jumped rope for about 1,000 total, alternating feet for half of it. After that I went to the pool because I was completely soaked and dripping and needed to cool off. I swam 3 x 2 laps at the pool, but it's not standard size I don't think, so I'm not sure what would that be in real swimming terms. Either way it was enough to wear out my shoulders so i suppose that is good enough. All in all a pretty good day.

9amPartly Cloudy79° F Sunny 86° F 80%H From WSW 2 mph
22:11 3.25 miles bf 1589

also did a run later, although i paused halfway so it was split into two when my ipod decided to stop the workout during the pause :<
23:28 3.37+ 25:54 3.75= 49:22 7.12miles bf 1595

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Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Hope your running is going well. I like the quote on your sidebar.