Thursday, August 13, 2009


This morning's run didn't quite go as I planned. I waited a bit for the humidity to drop, but at the same time the heat was going up. I thought this would be a good idea, since the humidity seems to be a bad thing, but after this morning's run, it's definitely just the sun. I planned on going for two loops, a water break, then a third to finish. So the first part of the run was pretty tough, as usual and I was breathing hard and dying. I took a water break then headed back out to finish another loop, pretty much nixing any idea of a third. This time I made halfway around (back to the house) and stopped again for just a few seconds to get water because I was sweating a ton. I got right back out the door and finished the second loop and called it a day, or morning I guess.

Tonight I'm drawing caricatures from 5-7, so I'm not sure what will happen afterward, but I plan on getting in at least another loop tonight.

11:19 amSunny81° F Sunny 63%H From ENE 4 mph
45:45 6.70m bf 1628

After caricatures, which went great by the way, I had dinner at chic-fil-a which is always delicious. And no that is not a plug, it really is a good place to eat, I love their milkshakes too. Anywayz I let my food digest a few hours, then hit the roads in the dark. I put a few strips of reflective tape on the backs of my shoes, but I would like to have more. I may even have to buy some sort of running vest, but it's hot enough already without it. So that's something to work on. It'll be nice too for winter because you really don't have a choice but to run in the dark unless its on the sweatmill. Good litte run.

9:30 pmClear73° F Clear 93%H From NNE 3 mph
32:31 4.74m bf 1632

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